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May 15, 2022

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Golf


Whether you’re starting the game of golf for the first time or dusting off your clubs from a long hiatus, we’ve got you covered. SeeWhatSheCanDo’s Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Golf is jammed packed with resources designed to help you get comfortable and confident in the game. We cover terminology, parts of the golf course, what you need to play, and golf etiquette in these four articles from our Discover blog.

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Hit the green and tee up that swing: Golf for the beginner


The Basics + Vital Information

From what to wear to how to score, this getting started checklist touches on all the necessary basics you'll need to know before hitting the links.


Pay special attention to: All parts concerning etiquette (dress code, scoring, etc.) and when you need to yell “fore!” Familiarizing yourself with golf etiquette is crucial to a successful round. Most golfers take etiquette very seriously and while this may seem surprising to a newbie, your round of golf will be more enjoyable and relaxed if you know how to be a polite golfer.


Parts of a golf course: Tee to green and stuff in-between



Golf Course Terminology


This visual dictionary will help you get acquainted with terms you’ll come across while you’re out playing your round of golf.


Pay special attention to: “Tee Box – Forward Tees, Middle Tees, Back Tees” . There is some extra etiquette surrounding the “tees” so it’s good to know when these details apply. An example would be that you want to be extra quiet when people are taking their ‘tee shot’ to avoid distracting them.


“Golf: What’s in it ‘Fore’ You”



Health Benefits and Scaling Golf to Your Level


This article highlights all the reasons why golf is such a great game for your mind, body and soul.


Pay special attention to: “Game Play”. Golf is a fickle game but luckily we can make alterations to have it best suit our needs. Your early forays into golf will feel much more enjoyable when you can tailor your game to your abilities.


Golf Tips: How to repair ball marks



Hands-on How-To Tips


The article is a visual guide to repairing the mark your ball makes when it lands with some oomph on the green and explains why this small action is surprisingly important. The players behind you will thank you for doing this.


Pay special attention to: “How Do I Repair a Ball Mark Correctly?” This step-by-step outline will have you repairing marks with such skill that the maintenance guys and gals will practically cheer when they see you.


“I Wish I Knew…”


Eager to further help you along your journey into the world of golf, I surveyed a few of my experienced female golfer friends and asked them what they wish they knew when they first swung a club and this is what they wanted to share:


  1. The first few times you play a round, go with an experienced golfer you feel comfortable with. This person can help you with your swing, remind you of golf etiquette and rules, help monitor your pace-of-play, and even be a good ‘best-ball’ partner if you’re still very new to the game.
  2. The club face has to be open for the ball to go in the air. Don’t try and help it up.
  3. Think less. Golf is a mental game but I found a clear mind helps me play better: too many thoughts floating around means there are too many distractions that can come between me and a good swing. Find a way to focus and shake off any bad holes because they happen to everyone.
  4. No one on the course cares about your shot or is watching it as closely as your insecurities think they are.
  5. Remember your golf etiquette and pace-of-play. As long as the game moves down the fairway, no one cares how poorly you might play.
  6. Most importantly, golf balls and clubs hurt if you get hit. Be aware of your surroundings and play safe.


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