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Welcome to SeeWhatSheCanDo – your neighbourhood hub for all things active. We believe in a world where active women are appreciated for who they are, what they can do and how they can compete. Our community will inspire and connect you to the people, resources and businesses you need to keep active.

Our Team

Caroline Wiley

Founder & Chief SeeWhatSheCanDo-er

Caroline’s world has always revolved around sport. Her passion is moving, doing and photographing the active moments all around her. When she’s not making plays on the ice or actively exploring the world with her family, she can be found researching her genealogical history and immersing herself in all things Cornish.

Tina Finelli

Co-Founder, SeeWhatSheCanDo

Tina loves to make things happen. As a middle child and twin, she comes by her connector gene naturally. Lover of all things outdoors, Tina’s happy place is surrounded by forest, water or mountains. In moments when she isn’t moving outdoors you’ll find her watching her daughters on the dance floor or playing hockey, reading a book, or cooking up a storm. Her credo; do one thing every day that scares you.

Judy Coultes-MacLeod


Judy loves to share her view of the world from her keyboard – most often with a dose of tongue in cheek humour. When she is not using her mom spidey-sense to juggle the hockey, basketball, rugby, soccer and work schedules of a family of five, Judy may be at the gym in spin class, walking the pooch, playing hockey, or skiing. And every chance she gets, Judy has her knitting needles in hand making yet another pair of socks. Some say obsessed...she says passion.

Michelle Archer


Michelle has been telling stories since she could form a sentence. Her active imagination kept this only child always entertained. When she isn't writing, you can find her in a hot yoga studio, watching her daughter on the soccer field or volleyball court, in front of her iPad binging on teen TV shows or snuggled up with a book. Michelle's perfect evening would be sharing stories over drinks with Wes Anderson.

Who we are

What it means to be a SeeWhatSheCanDo-er

1. Authentic

We understand that being active is more than just participating. It is a mindset. It is a passion and the way she lives each, and every day. We bring honest and true athletic stories and issues to the discussion table and shine a spotlight on who she really is.

2. Imaginative

An active woman is a force to be reckoned with. Yet, often, she is unsupported. So, we will blaze our own path and give her the visibility she deserves. We will take risks and break new ground to change the way she is seen and sees herself, expanding the definition of her athleticism to include all activities in motion.

3. Inspired

We are inspired by her capacities in what she can do and what she can be. Our services are built to recognize, celebrate and shout it to the world.

4. Connected

Connection is a two-way street. We make it our priority to know what’s important to her, and connect her to the stories, services, programs, products and people that matter.

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