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April 16, 2018

Summer softball found in Ontario's York Region


Summer nights at Aurora's historic Town Park are often busy and bustling with lots of activity that reflect its role as a key community hub for this bedroom community located north of Toronto.  One major feature of the park is its large and well-lit baseball diamond.  Located at the southwest corner of the park, it is the home of one of Aurora's long-time community sport organizations - the Aurora Ladies Softball Association (ALSA).  


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Founded in the early 1970's, the ALSA gives women aged 18 years and older a place to play competitive recreational fastball every Wednesday evening throughout the summer months. Players tend to range from 20 - 60 years old. Most women who play have come from playing fastball at a senior level or have finished their university/college education and are looking to get back into playing the game.  That said, there is still plenty of room to welcome and support first-time players who have never had the chance to play fastball.  The league currently has four teams but in the past, has had up to eight teams.



One of the league's organizers, Michelle Dakin, loves playing in Town Park as she believes it's a great place to showcase the league to residents who may be new to the area or were not aware of its existence.  It also provides residents who border the park with some great local sport entertainment to watch on a weekly basis.  For Michelle, the dedicated fan base really makes a difference to the players when they head out on to the field each and every week throughout the summer.  SeeWhatSheCanDo had the opportunity to capture some great highlights from an early season game in June and we did not come away disappointed. Each game (7pm & 9pm) we watched involved lots of action in both the batter's box and on the field.


SWSCD Photo Gallery - Softball in York Region





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