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October 25, 2018

Learn to skate – it’s never too late! 


Winter can be a very long season if you are indoors from November to March.

An easy way to pass the time is to strap on a pair of skates for some winter fun. There is nothing like the feel of the ice under your feet, the cold air on your cheeks and the wind in your face as you make your way around the pond or the rink. 

Learning to skate was a rite of passage for many of us growing up in Canada. But not everyone had the opportunity or took the opportunity to learn. More and more adults are showing an interest in learning to skate. There are many options available for your first time on skates or to polish up your skills. 



Skating programs available 

Skate Canada offers learn to skate programs for individuals of all ages in many communities across the country. There are more and more adults interested in learning to skate so Skate Canada is expanding the programs offered to meet the various needs and skill levels for those over the age of 18. 

The following is a list of offerings and a brief description of the program available through AdultSkate

  • CanSKate – this is the entry level program that teaches the basics of skating. This program is suited for the beginner or for someone who is looking to improve their basic skills. 

  • STARSkate – this program provides further opportunities to develop figure skating skills in ice dance, skating skills, free skate and interpretive skating. Interested individuals have the opportunity to participate in the national standardized testing system as well as compete in club and interclub competitions. 

  • CanPowerSkate – this program is geared towards hockey and ringette skaters to develop skating skills for these programs. It provides an alternative program to figure skating.  

  • SynchroSkate – this is a team skating program that involves groups of eight or more skaters performing moves and formations in sync. With three adult categories, synchro skating provides opportunities for skaters of various ages and skill levels to advance their skills and compete at the national level as well.  

  • Adult Championships – Adult Figure Skating Championships are held annually which provides those with the desire to compete a venue to test their skills against like-minded adults. This is a huge attraction to adult skaters in US and is interest is growing in Canada as well. In 2016, 921 adult figure skaters, including 42 synchronized teams, participated in the Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships.  



Equipment you need to get started 

Want to try it out? All you need to get started is a pair of skates, a CSA approved hockey helmet, warm clothes – pants, jacket and mittens. If this is your first time or you just feel the need to be extra cautious, it may be a good idea to throw in a pair of kneepads and wrist guards!  



Club information 

To find more information on skating clubs in your community, click on the link below: 


SkateCanada Section Office 

Website link 



British Columbia/Yukon 








Northern Ontario 


Western Ontario 


Central Ontario 


Eastern Ontario 




New Brunswick 


Nova Scotia 


Prince Edward Island 






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