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April 02, 2018

Diary of a ringette first-timer  | Why you should give it a try

Unlike my kids, I was late to the ice, picking up my first hockey stick at age 36. I knew a little about hockey from watching my kids play, but had never progressed beyond the cheap plastic-hurt-your-feet white skates. I discovered hockey late but quickly became addicted.

Fast forward 10 years later. Hockey teammates who also play ringette have been working on the hockey ladies for years to give their other love  – Ringette – a try. 

We attended a free  "Come Try Ringette" event hosted by Newmarket & District Ringette Association and LOVED it. Here's why:

No sticks, no experience. No problem. It's easy to learn and sticks are generally provided at learn-to-play clinics.

This is truly a team sport. Passing is mandatory so you're always part of the play.

There is a beautiful flow of continuous movement in this game making it fun to watch and even more fun to play. It's a great way to get your sweat on.

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3 basic rules to remember when starting out: 

  1. Pass before crossing the blue line.
  2. Only 3 people from your team in the offensive or defensive zone at a time (the red 'free play' line).
  3. No crossing the goal crease, even in your own defensive zone. 

The ringette ice sheet line markings - courtesy of Ringette Canada 


Find "come try ringette"events hosted by contacting your provincial ringette association listed in our Athlete Advisor, your athletic business directory. Explore, rate and review ringette programs, local community offerings and businesses that will help you do your thing.  

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