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March 07, 2018

Golf tips: How to repair ball marks


Ball marks, also called pitch marks are the little depressions created when your golf ball hits the putting green. While they may not seem like a big deal during your game, ball mark repairs done incorrectly or not at all impact how smooth and healthy the greens will be for your next game. 

Here is a quick overview on ball marks and tips on how to fix them: 

What is a ball mark (also called a pitch mark)? 

It’s a mark created when your golf ball makes an impact with the putting green. The size of any ball mark can vary from a small mark to a large crater-like mark.  If your ball reaches high into the sky and falls onto relatively wet putting greens, this will often leave a deeper mark.  

Is a ball mark the same thing as a divot mark? 

No, a divot mark is caused when we swing our golf clubs at our golf ball and take a part of the turf with it. Stay tuned for divot mark repairs in future posts. 

Why repair ball marks?

Having a smooth and healthy putting surface to putt on is critical for a great golfing experience.  If a ball mark is not repaired, the grass in the depression will die, the ground in and around it will scar, and the pit that is created will result in a bumpy and uneven putting surface. Bad news for even the most skilled golfers. By repairing a ball mark properly, you help keep the golf green healthy and smooth.  

What is the tool used to repair a ball mark? 

A ball mark repair tool is a critical tool for every golfer's bag and should be in your pocket along with your tees and ball marker every time you step on the green. Its a simple tool with two prongs typically at the end of a piece of metal or plastic. 



How do I repair a ball mark correctly?

Step 1: Take the ball mark repair tool and insert the two-prong end into edge or rim of the ball mark.

Step 2: Using your ball mark repair tool, push the edge of the ball mark towards the centre and move the repair tool in a gentle twisting motion and work your way around the ball mark.  Do not stick the ball mark repair tool into the middle of the ball mark itself.  Doing so will only create more damage to the putting surface because the roots of the grass are killed when the affected grass is pushed to the surface.

Step 3: Smooth over the repaired ball mark by gently tamping down the affected area with the bottom of your putter.  With that, the work is done.


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