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May 28, 2019

SeeWhatSheCanDo when... she is supported, celebrated and lifted up (literally) by her whole community


I can remember the anticipation of Mother's Day when my kiddos were just wee people. Waking up to a special breakfast made with the little hands of my girls. I still pull out handmade Mother's Day cards and crafts from years gone by and feel my heart swell. This year is a transition year with my oldest daughter Katelyn moving off to university and on to the next chapter of her life.  So it was a particularly special (and surprising one) when both my girls and husband paid a visit to cheer me on at the Mother's Day community WOD at CrossFit Aurora Central.



Community at CrossFit Aurora Central: Mamas that WOD (work out) together can do anything!

CrossFit Aurora Central knows what it takes to nurture community.  They have created an environment that welcomes people of any ability and encourages members to support each other and their communities. From CrossFit to Cross Out Cancer and Special Olympics events, to Father's Day Beer & BBQ WODs and Mother's Day #momstrong potluck WODs, members are leading the charge with full support by CrossFit Aurora Central staff and coaches.

Organized by member Lauren Tobin this Mother's Day, the 2nd annual #momstrong event was a special day for all of us.  Mamas of all ages broke out into teams and worked up a great sweat together, cheered on by coach Jadzia Truszkowski, CrossFit Aurora Central owners, staff, dads, and kids. Beyond the feel-good adrenaline naturally produced by being active, our hearts were filled with pure joy! Experience the community first-hand in over 35+ photos from this event. 


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