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May 07, 2020

One boat ride crushed her L1 vertebrae. This sports community gave her hope, friendship and strength.

Katie Maloney suffered significant injuries one fateful day. She was devastated to hear that she'd never be able to do any kind of physical activity again. Katie's story is one of hope, courage, and strength. Her brave step into a local CrossFit community has helped her heal and most of all SEE ALL THAT SHE CAN DO. We are inspired and know you will be too. 

Katie's note of thanks to her fellow CrossFitters at CrossFit Newmarket Central

Today I deadlifted 230 lbs. That is a big deal for most people, but specifically more important for me. Because, almost 4 years ago, I thought my life was effectively over. It was a boat ride that changed my life. One bad drop over a deceiving wave and I ended up with a crushed L1 vertebrae. 

After weeks in the hospital and 2 steel rods screwed to my spine, I was told life for me was not going to be the same. I was devastated to hear the doctor tell me I wouldn't be able to do things like run, or any kind of physical activity. 

And then I had this constant horrendous pain to deal with 24/7. Sleep was something I mostly lived without. It was a very dark period for me, for a few years.
Last September, one of my best friends talked me into the Nutrition Challenge. I didn’t realize how life changing CrossFit would be.

I never thought that I could be physically capable of doing anything close to what I thought CrossFit was. I was wrong, so very wrong. The things I have accomplished in the last 6 months, the weights I have lifted, the amazing friends I have made. The very dark place the CFNAC community pulled me out of, I don’t think I could ever put into words. I guess I just want to say thank you for helping me see what I could be. I wish I was better at words but this is me trying 😏🤷🏼‍♀️#CrossFit #brokenback #cfnac#crossfitkatie @CrossFit Newmarket Central

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