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March 07, 2018

From couch potato to CrossFitter

Trying a new sport can be intimidating. Here's Carmen's story of what made her try CrossFit and why she is hooked!

First impression of CrossFit

I was terrified!!! I felt completely self-conscious and uncomfortable. I really felt like I did not belong in a place like this. Who was I trying to fool? I was too old and unfit for CrossFit.

What made you try CrossFit?

I was familiar with Ryan and Michelle, the CrossFit box owners of CrossFit Aurora Central and CrossFit Newmarket Central, from earlier days at another gym. I used to walk on the treadmill and watch them train their clients. And I would think to myself “these people are crazy”. Then one day I ran into one of their original “crazy” clients and she convinced me to try this CrossFit. So I called Ryan and booked that terrifying intro visit. 

How has that impression changed?

If I can do CrossFit, anybody can do CrossFit. I also know that any of my self-consciousness was all in my head. No one in my box has ever made me feel uncomfortable.

“I know now that it doesn’t matter how old you are, your size or your fitness." 

What was your best day at CrossFit?

I have had a lot of fun mornings and laughs with my 6am morning crew! But I have to say most recently was the CrossFit to Crossout Cancer Fundraiser. That was a great day.

What are some of your accomplishments? 

My journey from Couch Potato to CrossFitter has helped me lose almost 120lbs. My entire life has changed. I joined CFNC 4 years ago. And I showed up for classes and worked out because I hated myself. But now I show up for classes and workout because I love myself. That is my biggest accomplishment.

What are your new goals? 

I have so many goals!! But mainly I just want to keep getting better at everything! And maybe, just maybe someday get double unders!!!

What do you love most about your CrossFit box?

I love the coaches and the members and Crossfit Newmarket Central! Everyone is so supportive and encouraging and friendly. I have made some amazing friendships in this place. I am a little partial to my 6am morning crew. We have been together a long time. And let’s be honest. People who willingly get up every day at 5am to workout must have something in common besides being a little crazy!!


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