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September 11, 2019

Get your bounce on – Recapture the joy of trampolining as an adult

Do you remember jumping on a trampoline as a child? That exhilarating feeling of weightlessness was enough to keep us at it for hours. Well prepare yourself for some good news – trampolining, also known as rebounding, is not just for kids. An increasing number of adults are picking up the sport as a night out, a fitness class or as part of a league and are loving it. Looking to revisit the fantastic fun of trampolining? Read on.


Benefits of Trampolining


Rebounding on a trampoline is a great option for anyone looking for a fun physical activity and the benefits are certainly worth exploring. Even NASA uses trampoline exercises as part of the reconditioning of astronauts to prevent muscle and bone degradation so you know there must be some real goodness here. Just Bounce Trampoline Club Inc. has published a list of the benefits of trampolining and here are some of the highlights:


It’s an efficient way to burn calories. According to NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology, rebounding exercises are 68% more efficient than jogging; meaning that one hour bouncing on a trampoline will burn more calories than an hour of jogging.


It’s great for your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system, part of the cardiovascular and immune systems, helps to rid the body of toxins and other unwanted materials. Because the lymphatic system relies on us moving our bodies to be effective, a full-body exercise such as rebounding will significantly increase lymph flow. Have you ever had a more enjoyable detox?


It strengthens your skeletal system. Studies indicate that the increased G Force, produced when jumping, helps to strengthen your bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments without the wear and tear from high-impact activities such as running. Shin splints and fractures can be a thing of the past!


It jumpstarts your metabolism. All that extra demand for energy means the mitochondrial count in each cell is increased so your available energy, and the capacity for using that energy, also increases. With your metabolism revving, you’ll burn calories long after you’ve planted your feet back on earth.


It improves balance. The vestibule in your middle ear is stimulated when you bounce, helping you stay steady.


It reduces body fat. Fact: the larger the worked muscle, the more calories burnt. And although it’s relatively low-impact, all that trampoline jumping will work your legs, abdomen, and arms. Now with your legs and glutes being some of the biggest muscles in your body, that’s a lot of calories being torched and burning calories leads to fat loss.


Get Your Bounce on - How to Get Involved in Trampolining


Intrigued by the idea of trampolining? Explore the many ways to get your bounce on: 

  1. Rebound at home
  2. Bounce at a trampoline facility 
  3. Take trampolining to a competitive level


1. Rebounding at Home



Want to benefit from trampoline exercises without leaving your house? It may surprise you how accessible it is – and you don’t even need a big trampoline in the backyard to do it.


When you hear “trampoline” you often picture that big black circle taking up a large area of someone’s backyard. And while that big trampoline will certainly get the job done, mini trampolines are much less expensive, take up less space and will easily fit into even the smallest of apartments. Mini trampolines start around $35 and can be found at sporting goods stores and online retailers.

Now that you have your trampoline, what do you do with it?

Have your trampoline and but not sure where to start? Another benefit of trampolining is that you can use your rebounder for the day’s serious sweat session or use it to sneak in some activity when you have a few moments.


Get your heart pumping – 5 minutes at a time


Many at-home trampoliners will use their trampoline in 5-minute spurts. Although it may not be the sweat session you think of when working out, these active minutes add up and are a great addition to your fitness regime. Best of all, you can use this time to energize when needed throughout your busy day. Why not try a quick rebounding session first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, when you get home, as a warmup exercise for a different workout, or even in the evening – whenever you might need to give your system a jumpstart? The fun of a trampoline might be enough to get even the most tired of sleepyheads up and moving.


There are many moves you can do to add some variety beyond jumping to your trampoline workouts. Try dancing, jogging, jumping jacks, straddle jumps, whatever you feel you can safely do on in your space that keeps your heart rate up on the trampoline.


Longer at-home trampoline workouts


Any minute of physical activity is a minute well-spent but keep in mind it is recommended that we achieve at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity in a day. If you’re having trouble filling those 30 minutes, or you’re out of ideas for fun moves, an increasing amount of at-home trampoline workouts are popping up online to help add some variety to your exercise regime.  Here’s one to get you started:



2. Bounce at a Trampoline Facility


Emerging in popularity, trampoline facilities provide all the trampolining options you’d need: Dodgeball, obstacle courses, foam pits, even fitness classes are just some of the features of these facilities. Visitors can expect to pay for a certain amount of time and try as many classes as they would like.


In research for this article, my cousin, Brenda, and I went to SkyFit, a trampoline fitness class offered at a trampoline park called Sky Zone (Whitby). Unsure what to expect but game for anything, we were excited to hop on the trampoline and see what it was all about.


The personal-sized trampolines are in a grid format and you’re surrounded by bouncy, trampoline-like walls so you don’t have to worry about falling off. As someone who has fallen off trampolines before, it was comforting to know I was the only one bouncing in ‘my’ space and that the farthest I could fall would just be to the springy floor. Like almost every fitness class, the exact exercises performed will vary but we hopped from trampoline to trampoline as part of our warm-up then spent most of the class on our own trampolines, guided by the instructor through the workout. While the various styles of jumping (star jumps, straddle jumps, tuck jumps, etc.) definitely work your legs and made for great cardio, the SkyFit class was a full-body workout. We also did sit-ups, planks, and got to toss medicine balls at the springy wall. We did each exercise for 30 seconds then rested for 30 seconds and our instructor encouraged us to have water (but not too much!) whenever we needed. The general vibe of the class was very welcoming, encouraging, and fun.



By the end of the hour class, my cousin and I were sweating and smiling. Like any workout, you’ll get out of it what you put into it, making it a great class regardless of each participant’s desired level of intensity. Plus, theres something about bouncing around with your friends that really gets the giggles going – you won’t know whether your core is sore from the workout or from laughing!


Overall this was a very fun workout. I would recommend it for anyone who would like a fun cardio session with a side of strength training and the price was also quite reasonable. With all this in mind, we will definitely be going back for more.


Trampoline Dodgeball


Feel like upping the ante and adding a little more competition? Trampoline Dodgeball is also offered at some facilities and looks like one of the most fun team bonding experiences. My guess is you won’t even notice the awesome workout, you’ll be too busy kicking butt and having fun. Many facilities offer single night drop-ins or leagues that you can join to get a weekly fix.


Trampoline Parties

Spice up your Ladies Night by hosting an event with a side of fitness and a good helping of fun. Many trampoline parks, such as AirRiderz and Sky Zone, offer facility rentals and event packages.


The inclusions of each package will vary but you can expect to host an event that will have your guests moving their bodies, having some laughs, and trying something new. You and your guests can bounce on the trampolines, rebound off the walls, jump into foam pits, and experience other adventures that the park offers. Because it’s practically impossible to be ‘bad’ at bouncing on a trampoline, trampoline parties can bring even the shyest participants out of their shells. Thanks to the freestyle structure of these parties, they are also a wonderful option for groups whose participants range in fitness levels. Participants who wish to take a break can rest without missing out on any of the fun.


Rebound for a Competitive Team


We interviewed Aurora Ontario’s Samantha Sendel, a World Cup champion with 16 years of competitive trampoline under her belt to get the inside scoop on the world of elite-level trampolining.




Competitive trampoline comprises of two routines – the Compulsory and the Optional. While both routines are composed of 10 skills or tricks, the Compulsory routine is the easier of the two and has specific requirements that need to be executed.  The Optional is the “’go big or go home’ routine where you will see the athlete throwing all their big skills, such as triples and double flips with twists,” explains Sam. “Each routine is scored based on the execution of each skill.” Falling off the trampoline terminates the routine and the athlete is scored on the skills that were completed up to that point.

Getting into the sport of trampolining  

Sam, who has won multiple world cup championships in the synchronized event with her partner Rosie MacLennan (the first trampolinist to ever win back-to-back Olympic gold medals), explains that to get into the sport of trampoline you need to find a trampoline club or gymnastics centre that has a competitive program.


Sam recommends starting with a recreational class where you can learn the basic skills with a trained coach and then try out for the competitive team. Starting with a recreational class will determine if the sport is for you before you commit to the training needed to compete.


An average day of training during competition would consist of drills for height maintenance, take-off positions and form, practicing sections of each routine, and working on new and more difficult skills. Sam explains that the sport of trampoline has accomplishments and setbacks just like any other sport. But it was these tough times that taught Sam to never give up. “Trampoline has taught me that just because you have a setback it doesn’t mean it’s all over. I’ve learnt that setbacks often lead to becoming stronger and better.”


Trampoline skills for a career


While Sam is no longer a competitive trampolinist, she does still travel and use her trampoline skills with Cirque Du Soleil. “I cherish the fact that I have been able to make a career out of the sport I love so much,” says Sam. And who wouldn’t want to want to have such a fun career?


Sam (left) and Rosie MacLennan (center) celebrate in 2013. Synchronized event partners and teammates, they were ecstatic for each other as Sam placed 5th and Rosie won Worlds for the first time. (Photo courtesy of Samantha Sendel)


The Dismount


With all the fun and health benefits of trampolining, I can see why trampoline parks and trampoline workouts are surging in popularity. Having experienced a trampoline fitness class myself, I can personally attest to the workout rebounding provides – you’ll sweat with a smile on your face. Getting in-touch with your inner child can be quite freeing after spending a lot of time standing with our feet firmly planted on the ground or sitting stiffly in the office. Something about hitting the apex of your jump and feeling that weightlessness, even for the briefest moment, will have you wanting to do it again. And again. And again.


So whether you choose an at-home trampoline workout, commit to a competitive team, sweat it out at a trampoline fitness class, or have a blast bouncing around with your friends at a party, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more fun yet effective workout than trampoline!



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