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May 07, 2018

SWSCD Photo Blog: Trampoline, Double-Mini Trampoline & Tumbling - 2018 Second Ontario Cup

Power tumbling, trampoline and double-mini trampoline are all disciplines in gymnastics that require speed, strength, body control and precision. Watching athletes perform in each of these disciplines is exhilarating and jaw-dropping. We highly recommend experiencing a gymnastics event first-hand.  

Gymnasts of all skill levels in the gymnastic disciplines of power tumbling, trampoline and double-mini trampoline headed to the Pickering Soccer Centre over the weekend of March 23 - 25, 2018 to compete in Gymnastics Ontario's Second Ontario Cup.  Athletes represented clubs from all across the province of Ontario along with some guest athletes from Alberta and Quebec.  Home clubs determined which events and disciplines each athlete competed in. This year's Second Ontario Cup was hosted by the Osborne Acrobatic Academy (OAA), a club owned by Leah and Cameron Osborne, centred in Pickering and offering programs in general gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling, aerial apparatus and fitness. 

A quick lowdown on each discipline.

Power tumbling:  Blends the most exciting aspects of an Artistic Gymnastics floor exercise with the dynamics of Trampoline skills. (Source:  Gymnastics Ontario)   

Trampoline:  Trampoline, an Olympic discipline, symbolizes freedom, flying, and space. Multiple somersaults and twists are performed at a height of 8 m and require precise technique and perfect body control. (Source: Gymnastics Canada

Double-Mini Trampoline:  Developed from the common mini tramp, but allows more acrobatic performance. After a take-off, the competitors perform one exercise on the mini-trampoline, followed by another routine on the landing mat. (Source: Gymnastics Ontario

It was impressive to watch all the athletes reach for their best.  Whether it was the youngest first-time tumbler working her way down the 1.5-metre wide, 26-metre long specialized tumbling strip or an Olympic-level trampoline athlete like Rosie MacLennan reaching for the required 8 metres of air, all the athletes we watched showed their passion for their sport in their focus to detail and through the smiles they shared with their teammates before and after their routines.  Equally impressive was the commitment coaches gave to their athletes.  Whether spotting and holding extra crash mats beside the trampoline or standing near the tumbling strip, it was clear coaches were proud of the efforts given and readily shared high-fives or hugs after each completed routine. 

Athlete Gallery - Highlights from the big tramp and beside the tumbling strip. 



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