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July 17, 2018

Athlete Gallery: 2018 Ontario Championships for Trampoline and Tumbling


This year's Gymnastic Ontario's Championship for Trampoline and Tumbling was held at the Pickering Recreation Centre and hosted by the Osborne Academy of Acrobatics (OAA).  Athletes, coaches, judges, and fans in the stands came to Pickering from across the province to participate in and watch the final event of the competitive trampoline and tumbling season.  With a full season of training and competing under their belts, athletes showed up prepared to compete at their best and, if able, ready to go home having placed in the top eight of their respective events, or even better, as provincial champions.   The athleticism on display was thoroughly impressive both in performance and presentation.  Congratulations to all the gymnasts who came to compete and to those athletes who went home as winners and finalists. 

Want to see more great trampoline and power tumbling coverage?  Check out our photo blog featuring highlights from this year's Second Ontario Cup held in Pickering and also hosted by OAA.


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Ontario's competitive trampoline, double-mini trampoline and tumbling gymnasts



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