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July 01, 2020

McColl Sisters Make Their Debut As OWHA Referees


Have you seen the latest Canadian Women & Sport 2020 Rally Report? Results show that one in three girls drop out of sports in their teen years. This is over three times the dropout rate of their male peers. And, 62% of women don’t play any sports at all. This means a huge part of our population is missing out on the benefits of sports and all it has to offer individuals and their communities. Now is the time for bold action, innovation, and investment in active women.


Let’s encourage and support our young female adults in sports leadership roles 

If she can see it, she can be it! When women are active and have leadership roles in sport, communities are stronger and children’s sport participation rate is much higher. Studies show that 71% of the children of active women participate in sports, versus just 29% of children of inactive women. Canada's elite female athletes tell us that their inspiration often comes from the positive influence of active parents, coaches or seeing other women athletes perform.  This is why so many go above and beyond to mentor budding athletes and pay it forward.  

Featured above are the McColl sisters (Valerie - left, Nathalie - right) on the day they made their debut as Ontario Women's Hockey Association referees for the first time together last season. Congrats to these young leaders!


Other ways that we can tangibly move the needle 

There are ways we as individuals and organizations can help support, empower, and elevate women in sport right now. Changemaker Dr. Jen Welter, first female coach for NFL and Madden, PhD Sport Psychology and Author, gave some awesome tips on how we can all be a part of the change we want to see at a #shecancoach She's4Sport panel last year. Here are her tips:

  1. Be intentional about following women who are doing great things and sharing their stories.
  2. Use your money to support organizations that support women in sport.
  3. Surround yourself by people who are your allies and support you.
  4. Cross-pollinate sports. Women athletes, let's follow each other, support each other, and go to each other games. We need to encourage each other to watch women's sport and see how great it really is.


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