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January 17, 2019

Radio Western - Helping women see themselves in the world of sport broadcasting

A Day of Firsts

It was a big day on University of Western Ontario's campus this past weekend for women's sports coverage.  For the first time in its 35+year history,  Radio Western (CHRW 94.9)  set a new precedent in sport broadcasting by having an all-female broadcast crew cover Western's women's ice hockey game against Laurentian's Voyageurs last Saturday.  From colour commentating to play-by-play, photography and technical support staff, all positions were very capably filled by female staff members.  Although there have been a number of successful female broadcasters start their careers at Radio Western, for John Urban, the station's Director of News, Sports and Spoken Word, the significance of this day was definitely not lost on him.

"They've pioneered a path for women in sports broadcasting and opened up the doors and the eyes of women who can now consider sport broadcasting as a career option."

The fact that it also involved covering the traditionally male sport of ice hockey made the significance of the day even more special.  All women involved in the broadcast definitely recognized the gravity of this pivotal event.

Changing expectations 

For most of the broadcast crew, watching and experiencing sport was an important part of their lives growing up.  Whether watching the National Hockey League or taking in the Olympics every few years, the primary message most of them received as an observer was that sport broadcasting was primarily for men and there were very few options for women in the field.  With today's all-female broadcast, these expectations have been upended in the minds of this broadcast crew. 

Representation is huge

Many of these women also believe strongly that it's vital to have more women represented in the media and in the sport coverage that's provided.  "I would love to see lots more women in sports on tv" play-by-play announcer Emily responded when asked what she would recommend current broadcasters do to get more women watching sports. 

"Women do all kinds of things in sport but we just don't see them...representation is huge...and it's important that women see what opportunities are available to them in sport."  

Given the passion and sincerity with which these thoughts are shared, it would definitely be in the best interest of today's broadcasters to listen well to what these women are saying.  The same women who will potentially be tomorrow's future sport broadcasters.  

The Broadcast Crew

Rachael Bishop - Play by Play

Emily Renneberg - Colour Commentator

Emma Jones - Ice Level Reporter  

Karina Leung - Social Media 

Kristen Liang - Photography

Jennie Malone - Studio Coordinator (not pictured)

John Urban - Director of News, Sports and Spoken Word



More Radio Western Coverage - Western Mustangs vs Laurentian Voyageurs

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 Radio Western - Inspiring women to be their best.



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