How Exercise Therapy can activate your body’s own innate healing powers

If you are like me, these past few months have turned many aspects of your life upside down. All the routines we were used to crumbled by the wayside, work, leisure, school, not to mention exercise.  Add to this the stress of not knowing how the COVID-19 virus will affect our future and many of us sought solace in the kitchen. I felt like the world was spinning out of control.

With Phase three of the reopening coming into effect next week have you thought about how to regain control of your life and especially your health?

For me, getting back to work means helping others to regain control of their health. The inactivity of the past few months means that not only are your muscles weaker, but also your nervous system just isn’t up to par.  Why your nervous system? Because your nerves send information from your body to your brain, enabling the brain to initiate movement. Your body is a holistic system, when everything works – you feel great.  Let me give you some examples.

Have you been spending a lot more time looking at screens?  If so, the muscles which control your eyes have probably weakened.  Less eye movement means less information about your environment going to your brain.  Imagine walking with your eyes half closed. You will most likely feel unsure and unbalanced. Eye exercises have an almost immediate effect on posture, balance and relief from neck and shoulder pain and tension. 

Do you feel overwhelmed and “foggy”?   Are your fingers and hands stiff? Hand exercises not only feel good they also wake you up. There are more areas in our brain dedicated to our hands than any other part of our body. Improving sensation and movement in your hands stimulates many parts of your brain, improving cognition, coordination and overall wellbeing.

During the isolation, did pain become your new companion?  Stress combined with inactivity and unhealthy food choices is a perfect recipe for pain.  Pain is part of the unstoppable force within your body to promote survival.  Your brain employs pain as a warning system to keep you safe.  Stress and a few extra pounds will surely set off a danger alarm in your brain.  But pain is not something you should get used to or learn to live with.  As a specialist in chronic pain I will help you to understand and overcome the triggers which are causing your pain.  Your body thrives from movement. A healthy nervous system means: great information into your brain; amazing movement and feeling back to your body.   

At Francinelli – Gluzman Integrative Medicine our approach is to activate your body’s own innate healing powers in order to assist you in achieving optimum health and wellness. Through a comprehensive review of your symptoms we will uncover the root cause of your disease by identifying the underlying imbalances in your body which are preventing you from healing.  All of your health needs are met holistically.

Taking control of your health is the most important step you can take at this time.  Empower yourself into health and wellbeing.  We at Francinelli-Gluzman Integrative Medicine are here to guide and support you.

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