The Monkey On My Back....

I was recently talking to a SeeWhatSheCanDo business Run Little Monkey who make the softest running T's you'll ever wear! Gail and I had a great laugh about the 'Monkey On My Back' each time I step outside to go for a run!

Full transparency, I"m a bit of a fairweather runner these days. I have ran marathons, so many Tri's I can't even count and lots of neighborhood 5-10K's. They ALL start out the same... the monkey on my back saying 'Why are you here?' or "Listen.... you are not slight... you are almost 6 feet tall.. running? Seriously?". Literally ... every time! Whether at the start of a 5, 10, 16, or 20+ kilometer run... always the same. 

But I'll tell  you what... once I get through those first 5 minutes with 'the monkey' ... I do reach a place where my mind shuts off (including goodbye to the monkey), I focus on form and breathing, and I enjoy the break!

So Gail - thank you for the chuckle and for the reminder to just get out there! Watch for me in my Run Little Monkey T!!


Run Little Monkey 2mo

Getting started is always the hardest part but totally worth it. Some great tunes can also really help to kickstart the whole thing! Thanks for the post Lisa.


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