May 30, 2022

Ontario Cycling kicks off their 6th Annual Ontario Cycling Women's Week (OCWW)

Ontario Cycling will present their sixth annual Women’s Week. What started as a daily ride to encourage engagement is now a week full of female-focused clinics, webinars, classes and activities on cycling.



For the first time this year, the OCWW will be hosted by Beatrice Trang, BMX-rider and co-founder of The Bloom BMX. When Ontario Cycling approached her to take the lead, she did not need to think twice. “I can’t wait to see everyone enjoy the various cycling disciplines that will be available during Ontario Cycling Women’s Week. When Ontario Cycling approached me, within seconds I had a vision of what I wanted to see, which was an opportunity to showcase the amazing women in cycling across Ontario, but also provide an opportunity for someone to ride a whole new discipline if they wanted to. Certain cycling disciplines can sometimes be intimidating at first, but this is the week to try something new without the stress or pressures that we often put on ourselves. This is going to be a great week with something for everyone”, acknowledges Beatrice Trang.



“We are incredibly fortunate to have such a great lineup of people contributing to making OCWW a success. We are incredibly grateful to Beatrice Trang for agreeing to take the lead for us and are excited to see such a full calendar of events. We know just how important this week is, especially as people are starting to get out and back on their bikes again as a cycling community”, stated Pam Julian, Ontario Cycling’s President & CEO.



From May 31st to June 5th, Ontario Cycling’s Women’s Week will focus on several aspects of cycling, such as Tech Nights, Skill Clinics, joyrides and races.  In addition, there will be webinars on nutrition and mental health and a discussion on female-focused cycling challenges. Well-known personalities of the cycling community such as Molly Hurford, Anne Guzman, Charlotte Batty and OC Board Chair Nicole Visschedyk will share experiences and provide insights and knowledge on cycling-related topics throughout the week.










Source: Media Release, May 29, 2022, Ontario Cycling. Graphics courtesy of Ontario Cycling. 



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