November 21, 2019 (Exeter, Ca) The WFA is pleased to welcome MIFA ALLSTARS!  Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, MIFA is the first ever women’s tackle football program in their Province.  The MIFA ALLSTARS began in 2016 and despite having no close competition, they have been able to show Ontario that women can also play the game at a high level.

The WFA had their first contact with MIFA over Labor Day weekend when Team United competed against MIFA Canada at the International Bowl.  “MIFA ALLSTARS are a strong young team and will have a bright future in the WFA, “stated Lisa King, WFA Commissioner.  “In addition, the MIFA organization put on an extremely professional event and it is obvious their program will continue to attract highly competitive athletes, the keys for a successful program.“

MIFA ALLSTARS Ontario is a unique program as they do not have any Canadian competition nearby.  Instead, they travel the world playing International teams. For the 2020 WFA season, they will be competing against Cleveland Fusion, Grand Rapids Tidal Waves, and Toledo Reign.

MIFA ALLSTARS are led by Head Coach and founder Liston Bates who has proved and continues to show that he will stop at nothing to develop a program in Ontario. The new addition of the Director Melissa Stolarz has given the program an opportunity to overcome the skeptics and  give women in Ontario chance to compete in the male dominated sport.

“We cannot wait to be part of the biggest and best league for women in this sport,” stated Liston Bates. “A career in fitness has made me personally so well aware of what is needed to prepare for the game of football which is so special. However every time I have entered the US to compete, I have raised my personal bar (pardon the pun) in my training,” Coach Bates added.  “Success in this game starts with respecting your opponent and the culture that brings them on the field to line up across the line of scrimmage from you. There are no words to describe how excited I am for our level of progress to increase playing opponents where the sport  of football is part of their every day life. We appreciate the WFA and we can’t wait for the 2020 season to begin!”

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