To quit or not to quit..

So in the spirit of trying new things, I am now learning how to skate.  As a new-ish Canadian, and original mountain girl from Virginia, I have never learned more than going in circles and maybe a slow, plow stop.  It is a little embarassing actually that I cannot skate with any proficiency.  I spend so much time at the rink and on the ice watching and taking pictures of hockey, that I feel I should at least be able to skate.  So I've jumped in with both feet (and a helmet, and hockey equipment, and a stick).  

I am taking skills plus hockey lessons and I am in way over my head.  While everyone else is learning to polish their puck handling and skating skills, I am using every muscle in my body trying not to fall.  It is a very difficult hour and while I am slowly seeing progress, it is a battle every class.  Even with extra practice the other days of the week by myself, progress is slow.  Class day is hard.  The rest of that day I am exhausted.  Honestly, I consider quitting at least 3 times during the session, every session.  But how can do that?  How can I quit, just because it is hard?  I tell my daughter to always try her best and to not quit something solely because it is hard.  So if I quit, I wouldn't be setting a very good example.  So each time, I feel that way, I take a deep breath and keep going.

Don't get me wrong, I believe it is ok to stop doing something if you learn it isn't what you want or you have good reasons for changing your plan. But I really want to be able to skate; and well.  So for now, I will press on.  I will fall (based on recent past, I will fall a lot).  I will silently, or maybe not so silently, swear with each failure and then try again.  I may not be joining any leagues any time soon, but I will be a better skater.  And I may even be able to join a game of shinny by the end of winter.  

See you at the rink!  And maybe on the ice.



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