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October 22, 2020

Thriving within the uncharted

With the current uncertainity brought on by the pandemic, resulting in our daily routines and livelihoods shifting and the recent publication of my book, Run: An Uncharted Direction, I've been thinking extensively about the meaning of uncharted for me and also what it means for athletes for example. At first thought, it's scary because it means unknown and unplanned, which resonates with most right now as we navigate trajectories of reality that are shifting because of de-stablization in our health, world economy and thus opportunity. But then as we start to develop new internal, emotional reserves and relationships and have the opportunity to step back and understand what is happening within us and around us we may realize that this shift in thinking and doing actually helps us thrive. Within my book, the chapter titled, uncharted discusses the notion of ' not knowing' as being critical to launching one into opportunities, into different areas of life and of sport. I discuss my experiences as an individual with physical limitations brought on because of a physical disability of Cerebral Palsy but how those challenges and physical pain experienced during rehabilitation for example in Ukraine, gave me more resilience. The chapter also discusses and aligns my journalistic background and thirst for searching for answers with sport, just as a soccer ball is suspended in the air between a soccer cleat and the sky for example. Many recent conversations have had me speak to the responsibility that I have as the Founder of a Non-Profit Organization, Flex for Access for adaptive fitness and sport promotion but within the mainstream and as an author to elicit that athletes and entrepreneurs have a way of thriving within the uncharted. This quote from my book summarizes that. 

"It was my turn to be there to blaze an uncharted, undiscovered thought- to- be, undiscoverable or restorable path, of possible. It also showed me how to deepen my breath, close my eyes and fulfill my tasks and sights to be seen." 

For more, purchase "Run: An Uncharted Direction" on Amazon and follow @jesssilverrr and @flexforaccess on Instagram, FB and Twitter  and stay tuned for more posts here. 




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