Still Growing

Earlier I posted about trying new things.  It seems in the early days of a new career, these opportunities come fast and furious.  Last week I completed a multi-week challenge learning to cover the sport of boxing as one of two photographers for the #ChampionsForCharityKW event held at the Walper Hotel in Kitchener.  It came with not only learning what pictures made for good cover, but also understanding that sometimes the sport doesn't always lend itself to creating the right conditions for perfect pictures.   The lighting is less than ideal, mixed in with colored lights and flashing strobes and no ceiling lights.  It was my most challenging shoot yet.  And yet, this event wasn't about me or the other photographer as we navigated the ropes and lighting (and thanks to Reid for the spare flash batteries for player introductions since mine died while I mistakenly had on high speed sync).  

The real people who tried something new are the participants.  These were no ordinary boxers. These were normal peeps who signed up for 13 weeks of grueling workouts and boxing training to have a chance to get into the ring and compete with each other to help raise money for a good cause.  They worked extremely hard and took very seriously their new roles as boxers.  In the end, a lot of money was raised for two incredible Hamilton facilities (#McmasterChildrensFoundation #JuravinskiCancerCentre) and the blood, sweat and tears were all worth it.  Congratulations and much respect to the men and women who offered up their bodies for this great cause.  They have earned it!

To see a sampling of my favorite pics from the event, take a look here: and this gallery can be found on my website under "Boxing" here:

Special thanks to the amazing championship boxer #MandyBujold who lead the charge organizing the event, and the trainers at these facilities that helped coach and prepare the participants #SydFit #TheArmoury


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