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October 06, 2020

**Podcast** Even Strength with Emily Renneberg - An Intro to SeeWhatSheCanDo

Sharing Inspiration and Insight with Canadian women

Emily Renneberg, a recent university graduate, sports enthusiast and, most recently, a play-by-play sport broadcaster for Western Ontario's Radio Western, took an unexpected and significant COVID-19 change of plans as a great opportunity to create Canada's newest women's sports podcast called Even Strength.  Emily's mission for Even Strength is to celebrate and encourage women in Canadian sport by sharing insight and inspiration from athletic lives and careers.

To learn more about Emily Renneberg and the Even Strength podcast, head to "Emily Renneberg - Turning Even Strength into a Power Play for women's sports".

SeeWhatSheCanDo's very own Caroline Wiley had the opportunity to sit down with Emily Renneberg in one of her very first shows to talk about how essential it is to give active women a community, a voice, and a spotlight in a way that is accessible and open.  Caroline also shares her insights from the professional world of sport and recreation where she believes it's essential to bolster female athletes and keep sport alive for women everywhere.  We invite you to listen in to the episode.






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