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March 08, 2024

Ontario Women's Cycling Month: Celebrating IWD 2024 with Ontario Cycling


Ontario Cycling Celebrates IWD 2024

Ontario Women's Cycling Month - Events, Stories & More

For the past 8 years, Ontario Cycling (OC) has been running either a women’s day or women’s week every season. The original concept stemmed from creating a Women’s Ride Day where clubs would open their rides to anyone as part of a tryout program, but quickly blossomed out to include webinars and events.



Visit Ontario Cycling's Dedicated Women's Cycling Webpage


But this year, OC decided to do something a bit different. With International Women’s Day on March 8th, OC decided to turn the entire month of March into a showcase feature on women in cycling. OC firmly believes that sport needs to invest in females, and what better way to show the incredible impact that women have in Ontario's cycling community.


Every day in March, OC will showcase some of these fabulous females, sharing their stories and learning how they discovered cycling and what drives them to continue to participate and inspire others to get on the bike and join the cycling community.



But OC won’t just be sharing profiles. OC will also be offering several activities for women throughout the month including discounted National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) courses, free webinars and bike maintenance clinics as well as a full month of sharing and activities for women in the cycling community.


Check out and head to the link for OC's calendar of events (and pre-registration links) below and please note that all sessions are FREE of charge (unless otherwise indicated).


Visit Ontario Women's Cycling Month - Calendar of Events


Do. Grow. Connect.

Scheduled Ontario Women's Cycling Month Events:


Saddle Sisters Cycling Club High Park Women’s Ride - Friday March 8th, 6am - 8am



OC Women’s Month Zwift Ride #1 with Siobhan Kelly - Monday March 11th, 7pm - 8pm

Preregister For Women's Zwift Session #1


OC Women’s Month Zwift Ride #2 with Siobhan Kelly - Wednesday March 13th, 7pm - 8pm

Preregister For Women's Zwift Session #2



OC Women’s Month – Bikefit Bike Shop Bike Maintenance 101 for Women - Monday March 18th, 6pm - 8pm

Bikefit Women's Bike Maintenance 101 Preregistration



OC Women’s Month Webinar – Foundations of Nutrition with Alida Lacobellis - Monday March 18, 7pm - 8pm




Coaching – Cycling Practice Planning – Online - Tuesday March 19th, 7pm - 9pm

Register for Online Cycling Practing Planning


OC Women’s Month – D’Ornellas Bike Shop Bike Maintenance 101 for Women - Wednesday March 20th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Coaching – Cycling Practice Planning – Online - Thursday March 21st, 7pm - 9pm

Register for Online Cycling Practing Planning



Coaching – Basic Cycling Skills – Milton, ON - Saturday March 23rd,  9am - 4pm

Register for Basic Cycling Skills


OC Women’s Month Webinar – Ride Leader Training for Women with Amy White - Sunday March 24th, 7pm - 8pm




OC Women’s Month Webinar – Know Your Rights with Rebecca Murray of The Biking Lawyer - Monday March 25th, 7pm - 8pm




OC Women’s Month Webinar – Women’s Saddle Health with Aly Hodgins - Thursday March 26th, 7pm - 8pm





Creating the Optimal Environment for Females in Sport with Judy Goss



OC Women's Month Feature - 2023 Cyclo-Cross (CX) Provincials



Women's 4-Hour MTB Relay - June 8th, 2024, Hardwood Ski & Bike



Read. Discover. Know.



Ontario Women's Cycling Month Featured Profiles:

Newmarket eGals

Amy White

Milton Revolution Cycling Club Women's Development Project

Anna Tykoliz

Roxy Slotegraaf

Sam Warskett

Jenn Hare

Marie-Eve Potvin

Project R.A.D.

Stephanie Sutton

Rebecca Christensen

Emily Graves

Brenda Pozzebon

Josée Larocque

Scheherazade Haque

Sasha Gollish

Beatrice Trang



Lori D'Ornellas

Britney Hovencamp

The MTB Exchange

Shelley Gautier

Rosa Phillip

Caroline Wiley

Joanne Barber

Canadian Women & Sport: The Next Play Program

Carla Aitken

Marcia & Alison Tupling

Julie Hutsebaut

Tina Singh

Jenny Trew

Sandra Fletcher & The Saddle Sisters

Amy Maher & Addison Marcynuk

Susan Thompson

The Wild Bettys



Acknowledgements & Appreciation

Ontario Cycling would like to say thank you to everyone who assisted with putting together our 2024 Ontario Women’s Cycling Month. The genuine excitement and enthusiasm we received when we reached out, was amazing:


·The Biking Lawyer LLP

·BikeFit Bike Shop

·D’Ornellas Bike Shop

·Judy Goss PhD

·Alida Iacobelllis

·Aly Hodgins

·Siobhan Kelly

·Amy White

·The MTB Exchange /LIV



Ontario Cycling would also like to thank the members of the OC Gender Equity Committee, who helped us pull this month together, as well as generously offering up their time to support.


OC Gender Equity Committee


·Pam Julian

·Kim Drolet

·Jackie Chan

·Courtney Doret

·Siobhan Kelly 

·Britney Hovencamp

·Amy White

·Daniela Dighi Hawkins

·Julia Farell

·Katanya Polimis

·Kelsey Bennett

·Shelly Christensen


Connect with Ontario Cycling

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