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January 22, 2021

Let's think about food differently this year


How are you all doing right now?  Before you move along to another page, this isn’t a post about the latest lockdown in Ontario, although we all have stories to tell, don’t we? 


I’m asking about your year so far.  The new start, new resolutions, new plans.  How is all of that working out for you? Human nature being what it is, New Year's Resolutions are fleeting.  In fact, research shows that most of us have already thrown our dinner plate at the wall by the middle of January.


So where does that leave you today, as we’re heading into the second month of this new year?  Are you frustrated, ready to throw in the towel?  Does it feel simpler to slip back into a familiar routine than to stick with a plan that doesn’t really fit for you anyways?  Sure it does! For now.  The comfort of the familiar is enticing, but if you’re really serious about making changes, staying comfortable won’t land you where you want to be either.


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The need for a shift in thinking


Maybe the answer lies in a shift rather than another new meal plan.  What if you looked at food and your diet differently this year?


Yes, food provides energy that fuels our bodies, and food can be linked to our health. But food is so much more that nutrients, calories and macros. Food - preparing, eating and sharing it -  is a fundamental part of who we are as human beings.  It gives us both a window into other cultures and a place of familiarity. Food can be a source of joy and an outlet for exploration and creativity.  



Food can be just food.  Whatever it is, it doesn’t need to have a purpose beyond giving us the energy to accomplish our tasks for the day. And it most definitely doesn’t need to be a source of stress or fear …. kale is good, sugar is bad, you have to eat veggies with every meal or you’ll get sick. How helpful is it to have that sound-loop running in the back of your mind?


Let's focus on the big picture benefits of food


So this year, instead of counting calories, reading labels or labelling certain foods as good or bad, why not focus on the other things that food can bring to your table?

  • The company of family and friends as you eat and share a meal, however you are able to do that right now.  
  • An opportunity to learn something new right at home, whether that’s how to boil an egg or exploring another cuisine. 
  • A deeper connection to yourself and others as you share recipes and meals with those around you.
  • The view beyond your table into the larger community, by supporting opportunities for others to have the same access to food that you enjoy.
  • Growing confidence and a sense of accomplishment as you learn to navigate a new recipe or even how to cook.
  • Freedom from perfectionism when, even if it’s not Insta-ready, the food you make is still deliciously satisfying.



Connection, community, knowledge, confidence, fun and freedom.  That’s not a bad list! Looking for the greater joy in food and eating, instead of focusing on macros and meal plans is where the nourishment truly lies. 


“We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.” – Epicurus


This isn’t to say that once you decide to approach food differently, all will be changed.  As with any change, learning new skills takes guidance, time and practice. 


If you’d like some help making changes in your kitchen, let me know.  I’m currently offering free 30 minute consults, no strings attached.  Just contact me and we’ll set a call up over the phone or Zoom.




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