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April 02, 2019

Flex for Access creates change in sports and fitness one 'flex' at a time

Why is it that we hear about the yearning to create opportunities for so many in the world of sports? It's because there is still a disconnect that exists between one's understanding of the importance of opportunities and those that actually exist. 

This is also especially true in the context of those individuals who are part of any minority and as relevant to Flex for Access' work; those with physical challenges and injuries. Flex for Access is a Non-Profit Organization for disability and injury  management through fitness and sport promotion. Founder Jess Silver, who herself has Cerebral Palsy understood that not many knew about the condition nor did the general public seek to understand the vital role of integrated sport and fitness for anyone not-withstanding physical challenges and injuries. Because of this, Jess sought to redefine the importance and create various opportunities for disability and injury recovery and management through sport and fitness. Flex for Access creates change in perception one 'flex' at a time through the Social Media component using the hashtag #flexforaccess in posts where individuals in the sports world or general public flex their bicep in support of the organization or use the hashtag in photos playing competitive sport or training in the gym. This is crucial to the education and re-education of human potential on any level and to date Flex for Access has engaged with thousands across the world on Social Media to create victory and possiblity through fitness and sport promotion. To learn more visit www.flexforaccess.ca 


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