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April 26, 2021

Beauty From Ashes: A Conversation About Body Image

Disclaimer: This article contains sensitive topics such as body image and eating disorders. If you or someone you know is struggling with body image, please seek professional help. This conversation is meant to be a glimpse into one individual’s personal story and its main purpose is to be a source of encouragement.


Body image is a topic that many people can identify with. There are many factors that affect the way we see ourselves. Some of these factors include society, culture, and unrealitic advertisements/standards of beauty. 

Recently, I got to sit with Marysa Bedard, a writer and blogger, who shares the story of how she learned to love and accept her body. Marysa's struggle with body image started in her teenage years. She was young, and impressionable, and wanted to be "beautiful". Eventually, this insecurity resulted in an eating disorder because she wanted to control what she looked like to attain a level of beauty that was considered acceptable. 

In this conversation, we delve into unhealthy versus healthy patterns, different perceptions of beauty, our relationship with food and how community played an important role in her journey back to health. 

Marysa gets real about her ten-year journey with her body and her struggle with an eating disorder. She also delves into some of the unhealthy habits she developed as a result. In addition, we took the time to talk about what being healthy looks like for her during a pandemic. 

Body image is a topic many can relate to. Whether it is something you have struggled with or are struggling with, know that you are not alone. Invite someone into your struggle and surround yourself with supporters who will sit with you, encourage and celebrate you. I hope this conversation encourages you and helps you feel known and seen. This conversation is only the beginning, and our hope is that it would lead you to pursue freedom and healing from whatever is holding you back. 


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