April 25, 2018

The extraordinary team ambassadors of the 2018 Canadian Ringette Championships. Learning why giving is better than receiving.

So what would you do if you knew you were expecting 47 ringette teams, over 800 athletes, 232 coaches and managers as well as hundreds of extended family members for a seven-day sleepover? How would you help them feel at home in a new and unfamiliar place?

For the organizers of this year's Canadian Ringette Championships, they immediately knew their own community of ringette players could make a difference. They also knew this could be a great opportunity to give their young ringette players the chance to experience a national championship, while at the same time, help ensure participating teams and their families felt welcome. So when the organizers asked their 12-year-old ringette players from across the province to be team ambassadors, 47 volunteers immediately stepped forward. Each ambassador chose to support their assigned team in their own special way. Some met their teams at the airport. Some brought whatever was needed to ensure their teams could make their own cooked meals throughout the week.

One ambassador - Siobhan Stewart - daughter of Tamara and Brian Stewart - chose to meet her U16 Calgary Surge team at the airport and also make rainbow loom bracelets for all the players, coaches, and managers in their red and white team colours. This was no easy task and it took her days to complete. When Siobhan met her team and gave them their bracelets, she had one prediction; they would go all the way. And all the way they went, going undefeated throughout the tournament and making it to the U16 gold medal game only to lose to Team Manitoba 3-1. The Calgary Surge were not expected or ranked to get to the U16 final. It was as if Siobhan's bracelets had given her and her team special 'Wonder Woman' powers. The power to believe no matter what. The power through community. The power to make a difference throughout the #CRC2018.



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