My journey of healthy lifestyle

I recently posted a story about my weight loss journey over the past year and was encouraged to share it. Thank you Caroline 

My journey began last August 12,2019 when I went to my first boot camp class at Fitworx in Markham. I know the owner Irene and she is amazing and I trusted her with my journey I was about to embark on. I started off with joining for one month to see if I could do it , my month ended and I became a full time member. This is not your regular gym! it is a family of all women members that are so supportive and encouraging! this gives you the fuel to keep going. The owner who runs most of the classes and her two trainers  are amazing so and supportive and most of all we all have fun.  I can say once I mentally wrapped my head around it the physical part followed. Fitworx holds weight  loss challenges if you wish to join it helps you to be accountable!  My first challenge was an eight week challenge and I challenged my self to lose 16lbs and wrote down in one year I would like to shed 50lbs in one year. This seemed so hard I could never have imagined I could do that. Fast forward my first challenge I wound up losing 22lbs and I was so excited i won as  I worked so hard and then the pandemic hit and I freaked out. Irene my voice of reason was amazing and kept us  going by running classes virtually. This kept me so focused and the eye on the prize one year later my last weigh after wining my second challenge I lost another 10lbs in one month and my grand total of weight loss was 84lbs.  I am so grateful for all the support I got from my family , friends and the amazing people at Fitworx. I can't ever go back to where I was and this will be my new normal. 

picture on the left was taken August 12,2020 and picture on the right was taken August 12,2019


Thank you. 


asandhu 15d

What an inspring story of committment. I have book marked this page! @amdeluca!

amdeluca 15d

Thx you.

katiemurray 2mo

Wow! Thanks for sharing this is so inspiring!

amdeluca 15d

Thanks so much.

carolinewiley 2mo

Thank you so much @amdeluca for sharing your most amazing health and wellness journey and for your willingness to inspire others who may see themselves in you and your experience over the last year. Your support team at Fitworx sounds awesome and I definitely know how amazing your family is. So proud of your hard work and commitment to meeting your goals. #seewhatshecando


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