Get our Girls involved!!

I am an active women and when I was growing up I was encouraged to participate in anything I wanted to do. Belonging to a team and being involved made me feel like I belonged somewhere. We moved around a lot when I was a child but there was always someone who  welcomed me into their sport’s programs. I strive to provide opportunities for my daughter to have the same experiences. She plays competitive volleyball and ice hockey.  Her young women volleyball coaches are always giving her positive encouragment. She has confidence about her body image and self confidence to try anything whether it be sports or life in general. Belonging to team has allowed her to find friends wherever she goes. Mothers, Aunts, Girlfriends lead by example! Stay active to help give our youth the encouragement to participate and be successful in life!! 

I am a Principal in a school and I see first hand the difference in our girls when they are active!!


carolinewiley 7mo

@jenn - Thanks so much for sharing your story and your very important words of wisdom. The sense of belonging created through sport and the intrinsic value it brings to those who participate (at any age in life) should never be underestimated. Certainly, your own personal story as a child moving multiple times and the role sport teams played in helping you find friends at each stop, clearly illustrates your important points. Welcome to the SWSCD neighbourhood too. Cheers, Caroline


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