Dance How It Feels Good For You With This FREE Bust A Move Dance Class

Ali Phillips, CEO, and Founder of Bust a Move Dance (BAMD) - an international dance company for people of all abilities -  led a dance class for our ParAmazing Women's Circle last week. What a treat it was!

Ali's fun, positive energy radiates from her pores, and her structured but relaxed approach to dance for everyBODY is truly refreshing. 

"Dance is what I do. It's at the forefront of everything I do. I don't really have the language for it. I know that some people call it inclusive dance, accessible dance, adaptive dance... for me it's just dance. I don't have any modifications or adaptations because that's not how I run things. I dance how it feels good for me. You are going to dance how it feels good for you."

And that's exactly what we did. Throughout the night we were encouraged, to have fun and to move our bodies naturally to high-energy music. When's the last time you just let loose and danced without caring how you looked, or if you were doing it right? To be honest, a few of us were a little nervous before starting but nervousness quickly turned to laughter. We were breathing, spinning, and laughing with a super fun and accepting crew of ParAmazing women.

We kicked off with meditation, learned some dance-party-worthy choreography, and danced with no judgment.

Did you miss the adaptive dance class? Check out the on-demand recording.

We invite you to give this free Bust A Move Dance class a try and see for yourself how much fun it is. 

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Reflections From Our ParAmazing Circle Leaders on Our BAM Dance Night

Jessica Lewis

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a co-leader of the ParAmazing Circle alongside Jess Silver and Tina Finelli and Caroline Wiley from SeeWhatSheCanDo. In just a few short weeks since it started I’ve had the amazing privilege of experiencing new things and meeting some amazing people. Such as the very talented Ali Phillips, who led us through an adaptive dance class.

As an elite-level athlete, I put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to my training, but through Ali’s positive and energetic personality I was able to relax and have fun. I knew going into this dance night experience I would be pushed out of my comfort zone. Ali’s way of teaching and her constant encouragement helped me feel comfortable and learn a new way to keep my body and mind active. It was a real pleasure to see her passion for dance and how it has shaped who she is and her outlook on life. She proved that no matter who you are, or what your body may look like there is never a right or a wrong way of doing something. It may look different for everyone but that’s what is so magical about being authentically you. Thank you Ali for your enthusiasm and kind spirit.

Jess Silver

Movement sets the mind, the soul, and body free! 


Last week I had the pleasure of co-leading our ParAmazing Circle with Jess Lewis, in an adaptive dance class taught by the amazing Ali Philips.


It was such a fun, refreshing and humbling evening. Ali’s energy and passion is contagious and she aligns with us as adaptive athletes and advocates, for physical activity and movement/ sport in her belief that dance and all movement, is a universal language for all. Dancing with Ali, allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone, have fun challenging and trusting my body and be even more inspired to push the limit of perception of dance and fitness or sport for all. As the co-leader of the SWSCD Women’s ParAmazing Circle, I hope to encourage, support, educate and empower other women to feel gratitude for their own bodies and minds and be inspired to explore new engaging dynamic experiences and discussions together. Ali’s dance class powered by BAM Dance surely was one of those fun and holistic experiences.  Thank you, Ali for your heart, open-minded and open-hearted approach, and your passion. It radiated. I hope we can dance again!


More About Bust a Move Dance (BAMD)

Bust a Move Dance (BAMD) is a leading dance company for kids and adults with disabilities.


Classes focus on using dance as a vehicle for social and emotional awareness and development. With a conscious focus on mindfulness, students learn to be and stay within the present moment, set intentions, accept and believe in themselves. Each lesson combines meditation, fitness, creative exploration and learning choreography.


You can contact Ali at BAM by phone or email. 

Canada +1 647 703 8947

Learn more about Aly and BAM Dance by clicking here.



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