Community is Life Changing: An Inside Story from your ParAmazing Circle Coaches

I paused in the middle of my workout today. I started thinking about what I have been fortunate to accomplish, what I dream of doing, and where I began my journey. The reality is, I wouldn’t be who I am without people that have supported me. My parents and sister, helped and continue to help me, and they taught me, my trainer, my gym team, and industry leaders, lead me in the direction of adaptive fitness and sport and helped me develop a fierce competitive spirit and passion for it, and to want to keep superseding my fitness goals, and the community I have become a part of, changed my life, empowered, and enriched me as a person.


I know that for individuals with disabilities, it can be overwhelming and scary to put themselves out there. I live the journey. For me, one of the biggest things I ever did, was speak in front of 1,200 people and make a bold statement of “not seeing me as limited by my Cerebral Palsy.” But how, you ask, if the physical challenge imposes mobility challenges on my life?”


The answer is, yes it does, but the key to creating possibility is talking about limitations and navigating around them. That happened for me when I started educating others about my needs and goals and the fact that my journey isn’t so different from anyone else’s, whether physically differently abled or not.


When I opened up, shared, asked questions, and allowed myself to grow by hearing from others, my world expanded. Opportunities opened.

Many individuals who have disabilities also have fears, can be shy and feel nervous about not feeling included or accepted. The inclusion starts to shift when [we] individuals who have varying needs, speak up and break barriers by taking part in activities in society, be they recreational, business or social.

It’s hard for others to hear that changes need to happen, if we don’t start a conversation and or rally together to help the understanding shift.


Our ParAmazing Circle is a platform for that community to be built and to grow. We want women to feel empowered and inspired and to share in each other’s journeys and accomplishments. We also rely on your support to create change in how differences are understood. Remember, we can all do more with a larger team to support us in life’s huddle! So, here’s your opportunity to be part of a huge, strong huddle!


Come out to adaptive yoga tomorrow at 7:30pm EST. Register at for the ParAmazing Circle at

We want to see you all there.



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