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November 18, 2019

Video & Blog Post: We Need To Talk About Sports

What a year to be a sports fan in Toronto! We can’t recall a time this city was as riveted to its teams and athletes. We shared the heartbreak of the Leafs playoff run and TFC  MLS final while we celebrated Bianca Andreescu’s shining breakout. And who can forget over a million people standing together to celebrate the Raptors. If we ever doubted that sport can unify us, surely 2019 put that idea to rest.

The ability of sport to bring people together isn’t limited to world champions or Olympic Games; it happens every single day all around us.

Check out our guest blog on What She Said Talk Radio to read our full article and find inspiring stories about local Ontario athletes, sports leaders and businesses who are making an impact on girls and women in sport:  

  • Learn about community-building athletes who are bringing women together to embrace their athleticism and organize events to introduce women to new physical activities.
  • Check out the remarkable coaches, convenors, volunteers, parents and officials who are sharing an experience and a passion, and building life-long friendships in the process.
  • See the many businesses who are doing their part and recognizing the powerful unifying possibilities of women and girls in sports. 

Watch our interview as we join forces with What She Said and talk about how we can inspire, uplift and unite women around the power of sport.



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