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October 16, 2020

Town of Aurora Joins SWSCD for Two Podcasts

Town of Aurora was so excited to join SeeWhatSheCanDo for two podcasts where we talk reimagining sport and the important role of female mentors. 


Podcast #1

In the midst of a pandemic, Town of Aurora speaks to the importance of trying new things and being open to new delivery models.  As well, learn more about questions you can ask organizations prior to returning to sport and physical activity.  All Local Sport Organizations have worked hard to bring sport back to the community so you can learn more about the steps that are being done to make it safe.  Finally, local mom, Cindy Shaver joins to take about Town run program Play in the Park and how impactful it was for her young daughter.

Podcast #2

In this episode, SWSCD had an opportunity to chat with two amazing ladies that are part of the Town of Aurora 20 Female Leaders in 2020 program.  The program provide financial support and professional development for female coaches, officials and board members.  Madeleine and Heather are both instructors at Aurora Family Martial Arts and have a great impact on all of the students.  Learn how Heather was a mentor for Madeleine when she was a student at Aurora Family Martial Arts and the impact that had on where she is today.


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