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June 08, 2019

The WiSP Sports Global Athlete Series: How Far We’ve Come

Change can take time but sometimes progress surges forward faster than we imagined. For women in the world of sports, the process to progress can frustrate, excite, anger, and motivate. Although it may occasionally feel like molasses moves faster than league legislation, when we take a step back and realize how many doors continue to open for women in the world of sports, it is truly inspiring.


In our WiSP Sports Global Athlete Series, we bring you amazing stories curated from our partner WiSP Sports - a global media broadcaster dedicated to telling the stories of sportswomen and “promoting gender equality, diversity, fairness, and access”.  Ready to be inspired? Grab a coffee and explore articles, podcasts, and video that celebrate how far our journey has come.


1. The Making of a National AFL Team


READ: Discover how Canada and teams from all over the world are growing from barely-there leagues to internationally competitive squads in the emerging sport of Australian Rules Football in “The Making of a National AFL Team.”  Australian Rules Football, (aka Footy, AFL, Aussie Rules) is incredibly dynamic, extremely athletic, and unlike any sport previously known to Canada. It is a sport that draws from aspects of soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee combined with the contact of rugby and has a scoring system all of its own. Photos supplied by WiSP Sports Editor. See the article for details.


2. Barbara Heathfield is Diving Back In


LISTEN: It used to be that age could dictate an athlete’s career but this podcast tells one athlete’s remarkable story about reigniting a career – after a 20-year hiatus.  Listen in to “Barbara Heathfield is Diving Back In,” and hear how Barbara proves age need not be a restriction on an athlete’s career. Photos supplied to WiSP Sports by Barbara Heathfield. See the article for details.



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3. Face to Face: Naya Tapper, USA Rugby Part 2 - Body Image


WATCH: Female athletes’ bodies and apparel have been topics of discussion since women’s athletics began receiving coverage. Both amateur and professional athletes receive conflicting ‘information’ about appearance but watch in “Face to Face: Naya Tapper, USA Rugby Part 2 – Body Image” as Naya Tapper calls out the body shaming and gives a good dose of body positivity. Photos supplied to WiSP Sports by Naya Tapper. See the article for details.



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4. Ain't No Mountain High Enough


READ: Obstacles come in all forms – physical barriers, structural, societal perspectives, even preconceived notions within ourselves. But when undeterred we can accomplish great things, push the envelope, and challenges ourselves. Putting her skills and determination to the test, Sara Hastreiter explains how she made the leap from a competitor in the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race to conquering literal mountains in the article “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Photos supplied to WiSP Sports by Sara Hastreiter. See article for details. 


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5. Megan Campbell on Equality for Ireland's Soccer Team


The US Soccer and Hockey teams aren’t the only ones who have been pushing for better resources and equality for the players! Tired of having to change in public restrooms and sharing team kit, Megan Campbell and her teammates are taking a stand and demanding basic remuneration and resources for the national Irish soccer team. Listen to their experience and campaign in “Megan Campbell on Equality for Ireland’s Soccer Team.” Photos supplied to WiSP Sports by Spotlight Media Group. See article for details.  


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