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October 28, 2022

The SeeWhatSheCanDo RoundUp Newsletter



Bringing you adventures, stories, and resources to inspire and keep you moving.

Fall 2022 SWSCD Round Up Newsletter

In the spirit and season of Thanksgiving, SWSCD takes time in the Fall 2022 SWSCD Round Up to shout out the many folks we've had the chance to work with in 2022 and the many active and sport-loving women and their supporters who have chosen to join our SWSCD community and support our efforts to help each other feel welcome, celebrated and a sense of belonging within the world of sport, with each other and within the communities where we live and work.



Spring 2022 SWSCD Round Up Newsletter

The need for connection runs deep within all of us.  It helps us to feel like we belong; that we're connected to those around us; and that we're a valued part of something bigger.  In our Spring 2022 SWSCD Round Up, we showcase two women who have leveraged the power of sport to follow their passion, to find their purpose and to experience community.  We celebrate how sport can not only give the opportunity to play together but to also play with purpose.




Winter 2022 SWSCD Round Up Newsletter

International Women's Day is a day to celebrate the many achievements women have made in all walks of life.  Celebrated annually on March 8th, it's a time to recognize and reflect on the many ways that women contribute to society in their professional and personal capacities.

Ensuring the public safety and security of any community is a critical part that emergency first responders play.  In York Region, Ontario, the individuals who've chosen to ensure the safety and security of the Region's residents are passionate about serving and supporting the community around them.  In the Winter 2022 SWSCD Round Up, we help celebrate the women who have chosen to become first responders and serve their own local communities. 



Winter 2021 SWSCD Roundup Newsletter

How do we practice self-care in the midst of COVID-19? 

Self-care is an important practice. You are important, you are worth investing in, and you deserve to feel good. In the Winter 2021 SWSCD Roundup, we're going to highlight some stories on self-care, inspire you with creative ways to take care of yourself and provide resources so you can be inspired by other women and their journeys of self-care.



2020 In Review: The Havoc & the Blessings - SWSCD Roundup Newsletter

2020 was a roller coaster of a year. Amongst the havoc, we experienced many blessings. As we reflect on 2020, we celebrate these blessings and thank you for your support throughout the year.  We invite you to take a moment to watch our year-end video and join us in applauding the passion, resilience, and impact of our joint efforts. 



Fall 2020 SWSCD Roundup Newsletter

How do we stay connected and lift each other up through COVID-19? 

The pandemic has taken a toll on many. Sport offers a unique opportunity to bring people together and help communities recover. When we're active it helps us physically and mentally, and gives us a sense of belonging and confidence. 

Our Fall 2020 SWSCD Roundup brings you stories of women who are overcoming challenges and bringing people together, building mental resilience during difficult times, helping seniors with dementia stay active, and mobilizing people to make our communities more inclusive.



Spring 2020 SWSCD Roundup Newsletter

How do we make lasting improvements on inclusion and diversity in our neighbourhoods? 

Sport helps us be more deeply connected and a part of something bigger than ourselves. The collective is so much stronger than each of us on our own. We believe that we can harness the innate qualities of community in sport to make our world a kinder, more inclusive place. This is why we created SeeWhatSheCanDo. We're on a mission to unite women of all capabilities and cultures, along with their supporters around the power of sport.

Our Spring 2020 SWSCD Roundup brings you stories of community, resilience, creative thinking, cooperation, and hope. 



Fall 2019 SWSCD Roundup Newsletter

Our Fall 2019 SWSCD Roundup continues our celebration of active women and community builders who are relentlessly reinventing, inspiring and encouraging women and future generations to get out there, be active and try something new.



Spring 2019 SWSCD Roundup Newsletter

The tide is shifting for women in sport. More organizations, advocacy groups, and athletes are joining hands to work towards a better future for active women. Our goal is to unite these change makers and provide them with tools and inspiration to make bold changes in their personal lives and within their communities. Join the movement. We invite you to join our community of passionate women and help us transform the lives of women today and for tomorrow. 

The Spring 2019 issue of SWSCD Roundup celebrates active women and community builders who are relentlessly reinventing, inspiring and encouraging women and future generations to get out there, be active and try something new.



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