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November 12, 2019

The artistry of nature after a snow storm

I love watching snow storms.  The power and the fury that's often associated with them is always so mesmerizing for me.  Although I prefer to be in front of a roaring fire while it's happening versus sitting behind a stearing wheel of a car, white knuckled and in white out conditions, when all is said and done, often the beauty that nature leaves behind in its wake can be amazing. 

As someone who loves to take pictures, the day-after-the-storm sunny mornings together with nature's natural palette of rich colours, present simply stunning scenery.  Especially when contrasted with winter's snow white backdrop.  See for yourself the next time you're outside on the day after a snow storm. 

Have you experienced a wintry view that makes your heart skip a beat? Share your photo by clicking "Share a Story" and inspire others to get outside. 

Happy day.



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