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May 18, 2024

Team Inglis Season Wrap Up!

2023/24 Season Wrap Up!

What an extremely memorable year for Team Inglis! From kicking off our season with a tournament win at the Curling Saguenay Summer Series last August in Quebec to capping off our year as Team Ontario at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in late February in Calgary, it was an incredible ride. We were proud to represent See What She Can Do both on and off the ice from Calgary to Perth, Scotland!

We finished off the 2023-24 curling season ranked 7th in Canada and 19th in the world. En route to the final season result, we competed in 12 tournaments, qualifying for playoffs in 8 and winning 3.

In between events, we hosted 3 adult curling clinics and 1 junior curling clinic, which allowed us to share our passion for the game with over 70 participants.

Qualifying for the Scotties Tournament of Hearts was a significant milestone for us, and represented the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Though we fell just short of playoffs, it was a great feeling knowing that we were meant to be there and that we can compete with the top teams in Canada. We learned a lot through the experience, and just how tough the competition is at the biggest women’s curling event in the country. We already can’t wait to work our tails off to get back!

In addition to the above season highlights, these are each of our individual season highlights:


Cassandra’s Highlights

Between winning the Ontario Scotties, meeting incredible people all along our travels (especially the fans in Calgary!) and all of the fun off-ice memories we made, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one moment. If I had to pick, it would be the jewelry ceremony at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts. For over 40 years, Kruger Products has been supporting women’s curling in Canada and as a memento, they give jewelry to each competitor who has won the right to represent their province/territory. On your first trip to the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, you receive the much sought-after gorgeous gold necklace featuring the shape of the 4 hearts in the logo. Receiving this necklace is so much more than a piece of jewelry. It is a physical representation of the hard work and dedication that have led to competing at the Canadian women’s championship. A few tears slipped out when Danielle fastened the clasp on the necklace and it hit home that my dream officially became a reality.


Calissa’s Highlights

Honestly, I’m having trouble picking just one highlight. Going to Scotland was a fabulous trip! It was so wonderful to be welcomed by the curling community in Perth and to have my parents there to support us. Winning our first provincial title as our team with many of our friends, family and sponsors present (shout out to Caroline for being there during the week!) was an absolute thrill. But I do have to say that everything surrounding the Scotties will forever stand out in my mind. We played in front of a sold-out crowd and had the opportunity to connect with young curlers and fans after every single game when they came down to the boards to get autographs and chat. It was even more special because my grandpa was able to come and watch me compete at my first Scotties. And I can’t forget the necklaces. So many emotions and dreams were realized in one single moment!


Kira’s Highlights

Travelling to Scotland for a tournament in early January was a season highlight for me! Calissa and I went down a few days early to explore the country. It’s always fun to be able to spend a little extra time in the places we travel to in curling! We tried to see as much of the country as we could from the old architecture and castles to the fields with the Highland cows. Plus I’ll never forget celebrating New Year’s Eve in Glasgow with the local people. We loved being able to walk to the club for all of our games and enjoy our time as a team in Perth (the semi-final finish didn’t hurt either). Receiving our Scotties necklaces was a huge dream realized for me. It was even cooler that we all got ours for the first time together! It was super special that my best friend Calissa was the one to put the necklace on me and that our coach Steve was with us throughout this journey as he has been a part of many big milestones in my curling career.


Danielle’s Highlights

Winning the Scotties provincial championship was a dream I have been chasing for over 17 years and one of the most incredible feelings to have it finally come true. I just remember my hands flying to cover my mouth as the final rock came to a rest and the realization hit that we were provincial champions. I couldn’t wait to run and hug my teammates! Realizing just how much of an impact our win had on not only our closest friends and family, but also the wider community was so so special. A message from my former high school teacher that I hadn’t heard from in over 20 years was the moment that I realized that it was bigger than just curling and brought me to tears (still does as I write this!)


What’s next for Team Inglis?

We’ll be back together on the ice for the 2024-25 season! We’re still in the process of finalizing the schedule as the events are announced, but it’s shaping up to be a busy season on the ice as we chase our goal of defending our provincial title and continuing to climb up the ranks in Canada and the world.

Until next season!

-Danielle, Kira, Calissa, Cassandra


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