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January 18, 2024

Stouffville Ladies Floor Hockey: Delivering Local Floor Hockey Fun


A chance to play like a kid again

Take yourself back to elementary school and the games you played in gym class.  For you and many others, this time was a great chance for students to experience games and sports that had been adjusted so as to be able to play them on a gym floor.  One such sport was almost certainly floor hockey.

And, if the mention of playing floor hockey leaves you feeling nostaglic for the past and pining to find ways to play it again, don't look any further than the Stouffville Ladies Floor Hockey (SLFL).  A long-time recreational league that has offered women living in Stouffville, and many of the York Region communities surrounding it, an excellent opportunity to play floor hockey for fun from the second week of September to the middle of April.



Creating a League for All To Play

The SLFH was originally started by Wendy Jacksie more than ten years ago. Wendy found there was few active things to do during the cold fall and winter months in Stouffville. Wendy was also interested in creating something fun to do and that would allow her to meet other women looking to get some exercise and social connection.

For Wendy, SLFH's overall objective is to keep the play on the floor fun, non-competitive and to ensure that all players get the chance to touch the ball, be part of the play and an active member of a team.



Less is more

You don't need much to get yourself in the game. Equipment requirements are minimal and include a good pair of non-marking running shoes, a floor hockey stick (or old hockey stick shaft combined with a floor hockey blade), a hockey helmet and mask, a pair of hockey gloves and shin pads too for a little extra protection.

Athletic shorts and a t-shirt work well in terms of activewear required to play. Consider bringing along a white and a black t-shirt as this will provide you with a couple of colour options when determining teams. 

Games are typically one hour in length so a water bottle is also essential equipment as the game will give you a great chance to get a good sweat on. For SLFH, currently four teams play games scheduled between 7pm to 9pm on Monday nights in the double gym of Stouffville District High School. 


(Photo courtesy of: SLFH website)




Gotta Give To Get 

If you're someone looking for opportunities to meet new people, get some regular weekly exercise and enjoy a fun night out with other likeminded women in your own community, consider starting your own floor hockey league and empower yourself and others to be on the move. You may just find what was a fun part of your past, can again be an exciting and rewarding part of your present and future.



Seeing is Believing: Stouffville Ladies Floor Hockey 




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