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October 31, 2019

#OwnIt Sports Panel - Meet inspiring women entrepreneurs who run sports businesses with purpose

These women entrepreneurs are building community, mentoring the next generation and changing the world. We were thrilled to be a part of this She's4Sports and Ryerson University's Global Experiential Sport Lab (GXSLab)'s #ownit panel and the wave of positive change. 

From sportscasting with passion, fitness spaces with unique experiences, athletic wear that celebrates and empowers women who love to play, new and innovative digitial spaces, to powerful philanthropic initiatives, these women unite communities around the power of sport.

Meet the #ownit panel

Watch the #ownit panel video for practical tips on how they got started, what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and how to make an impact in the sporting world and the future of sport with your own business. 

Meet She's4Sports

She's4Sports is a digital and events platform laser-focused on bringing women and men together with a common purpose of turning up the volume on women in sports.  Founded by Ainka Jess, her passion and hard work has enabled her to create a community of over 3000 women and men.  Ainka has also hosted and conducted over two dozen events and interviews focused on showcasing the diverse and dynamic ways in which women are represented in the world of sport. We encourage you to follow her on social media:

She's4Sports on Twitter - @Shes4Sports

She's4Sports on Facebook & Instagram - @shes4sports

She's4Sports on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQuN0NjBLTgEtLaT_SVB-5w/videos

Meet Ryerson University's GXSLab

The Global Experiential Sport Lab (GXS Lab) is the connection between scholarly research and industry practice in sport and sport media. GXSLab focuses on the intersection and knowledge transfer between Globalization; Digitization; and Commercialization. As seen with this event, they are a hub of collaboration for scholars, students, faculty and industry initiatives and aims to remain on the cutting edge in the world of connectivity and in the ever-evolving sport and sport media industry. 

Teaming Up - She's4Sports & The GXSLab

The #OWNIT! event is the first event that marks the beginning of an exciting partnership between She's4Sports and Ryerson University's GXSLab.  Together, their efforts will continue to bring attention and amplify the contributions of women in sport and address gender diversity and barrieres women and girls face in sport. 

For Laurel Walzak, Director of the GXSLab and Assistant Professor, RTA School of Media & Sport Media, the natural fit between the two organizations is exceptional. 

"The GXSLab focuses on bridging the gap between scholars, students, faculty and industry, and to address issues and trends that impact the ever-evolving sport and sport media industry.  This includes diversity and issues that impact women and girls with the goal to mobilize change and eventually achieve equitable opportunities for women and girls to participate in sports on all levels," says Laurel.

Together, these two organizations will team up to create event programming and digital content to engage student, academic and sports communities on gender diversity in sport and develop opportunities for female students at Ryerson to participate in the sports industry through industry mentorship. 

"This partnership will not only create a safe space for women to come together to discuss sports but will transform the narrative and even the playing field for women and girls to thrive in sports without barriers," says Ainka






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