It is that time of year again, lots of rain and flowers blooming. The month of May is somehow already here, and with it another Mother’s Day!

Sitting here, writing an obligatory card, I can't help but think that no matter how many Mother’s Days go by, countless gifts and I love yous will never do all moms out there the justice they deserve for being that player’s mom. 


Oh I’m #11’s mom … I’m the sweeper’s mom… See that one with the blonde ponytail, I’m her mom… The loud one, ya she’s my daughter. 


These are a few phrases that my mom may have used to describe me, and this week I have the honour of recognizing her as way more than just a soccer mom. My mom, Anne, the youngest of seven, is a loving, smart, driven, successful woman and mother of two, who owns way too many pairs of shoes in my opinion. 


When she was growing up, she was never really introduced to sports. 

“It (sport) was simply something that my two brothers did.  I took swimming and skating lessons but it was not something that was fostered in my life.”


So I suppose I was lucky that other moms at school were signing their five year olds up for soccer, and my mom followed suit. Maybe she knew what she was getting into at the time, but I doubt it. Having a daughter, or two in her case, who participates or competes in sport is no small task. To be clear I don’t yet have kids of my own, but I have vivid memories of dragging my mom from soccer field, to basketball court and beyond. So I asked her, what exactly did you give up and more importantly, was it worth it?


The short answer: time and money, but in her words, “the time would have disappeared no matter what we did, and it was time very well spent.”


And for the money? She made sacrifices “We didn't buy new furniture very often, we never had a house cleaner, rooms were painted by me ... but I have so many great memories from driving you to practices, watching you both play and getting to know so many other wonderful girls and their families.”


Throughout the years, while I was running around with teammates who quickly turned into close friends, I don’t think I realized the impact that sport would have on me. Most of which is thanks to my mom. 


I asked her, why do you think it is important to sign girls up for sports?

“Sport brought so much to your lives - a sense of accomplishment, understanding of time management and team building, an understanding of responsibility and self regulation ... It is a gift we can give to our children that will keep giving for life.”


All I can hope is that other girls are as lucky as my sister and I were. That their moms sign them up when they are young and support their dreams as they grow. And for new or expecting moms I will leave you with these words of wisdom from Anne.


“Introduce your children to different types of activities - sports, music, art.  Let them be curious and explore. When they are young, they don't have to commit to one sport or activity unless it is what THEY want to do.  Don't over schedule and remember to let them be kids.” 


Mom, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for doing exactly that. 


I wish all moms a wonderfully Happy Mother’s Day. You are amazing, inspiring role models for young girls everywhere. From all of your daughters who you spent countless hours driving to practices, tournaments and games, giving up vacations and making sacrifices, we thank you! 

Written By: Sarah Saftich


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