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December 02, 2019

Mom, Dad, Here's How You Can Help Make The Game of Ringette Fun!

Wow! It is December already. The 2019-2020 season has begun. Leagues have started, tournaments are taking place, snow has fallen, and I’ve already watched the Santa Clause Parade on TV!

As we spread holiday cheer in our homes, let's take a few minutes to remember some ways to spread cheer around the rink as well!

  • New to ringette? Welcome to the family! We like to think of our ringette teammates past and present as family and we are happy to have you join us!


  • A big question to ask yourself: “Is my child having fun on the ice yet?” – That’s really the most important thing. 


  • It may be December, but remember it is only the beginning of December. There’s lots of time to gel as a team on and off the ice, to score a few goals, to make amazing plays, to learn and have more fun.

When you step inside the arena try to remember these key things:

  • Be Supportive – Your child’s team will lose. Cheer, encourage and move on. The faster you do, the faster your little athlete will!


  • Always Show Sportsmanship! Refrain from booing the other team, coaches, officials, shot clocker operators, zamboni operator, your own kid or someone else’s child. Keep it positive and remind others to do the same!


  • Mistakes Happen. You have made them. Your kids will make them and so will officials. I have never seen a call changed because a parent or coach yelled and got upset. Unsure of the call? Make a note and ask your team’s coach about it after the game. Rule changes happen every two years so itis important that parents educate themselves on these changes, for everyone’s sake.

*Please note that Ringette Ontario has a zero-tolerance policy for official abuse and if you are perceived to be abusing an official you will be asked to leave immediately.


  • Come to the rink to enjoy time with your children, see them learn and grow and meet others who love the sport too. Ringette is truly a one of a kind experience.


Happy Ringette Season!


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