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February 02, 2024

Meet the Team - Sydney Anderson (Lead for Team ONT#1)

**Sydney Anderson: A Talented Student and Curling Player**

Meet Sydney Anderson, a high school student at École secondaire catholique Pierre-Savard. She's in her first year there, and it's a full French school. Sydney's doing really well in school, always getting good grades and even winning awards. But there's more to her than just being a good student.

Sydney loves music. She's pretty skilled in playing the guitar and has taken lessons in singing, drumming, ukulele, and piano. She's really committed to getting better at music, and she enjoys performing.

Now, let's talk about curling. Sydney's also into curling, and she's had some great coaches like Lisa Weagle and Greg Camm who helped her improve. She got support from Mark Ideson recently, and that made a big difference.

Sydney's family has always been there for her, especially in her curling. She looks up to her older brother, Justin Anderson, who's really good at curling too. Her parents have always supported her and made sacrifices so she can compete at a high level.

Sydney's been part of Team Ontario 2 and played as the lead at the 2023 U-18 Nationals in Timmins, Ontario. That shows how much she loves curling and how hard she works at it.

What's interesting is that Sydney can speak both English and French, even though her family mainly speaks English at home. She's really good with languages. Also, before curling games, she has a special routine – she listens to music that pumps her up and helps her focus.



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