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January 31, 2019

Meet our Team

Hi there. We're so glad you stopped by. We wanted to tell you a bit about ourselves and invite you to join us on this awesome journey.

About our Team

We are a team of doers, dreamers, storytellers, sport-lovers and community builders with one common purpose; to unite women around the power of sport. 

We understand that being active is more than just participating. It is a mindset. It is a passion and the way we choose to live each day. 

We're inspired by what you can do and what you can be. Our services are built to recognize, celebrate and shout it to the world. Here you will find the adventures, stories, and resources to inspire and keep you moving.

Let's connect

We created this community to help women connect with each other and share their passion to move.  Don't wait a second longer!

- Get active on our SWSCD discussion board - say hello, welcome someone new, support someone in need or share your lastest active adventure. 

- Personally follow the SeeWhatSheCanDo Team: Caroline Wiley and Tina Finelli (Chief SeeWhatSheCanDo-ers), Jennifer Blair, Judy Coultes-MacLeod and Michelle Archer.

- Learn more about us on Our Team page


Connecting you to active women, local groups, events, businesses and more.

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