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August 22, 2020

Marci Dineen on How Sweaty YOU Time Builds Confidence And Makes You a Better Mom

Marci Dineen is 49 years old and she lives in Wasaga Beach, ON. After years of putting the needs of others ahead of her own, she made fitness her priority. This is her story as she shared it with SeeWhatSheCanDo.

Fitness is a priority

When I gave birth to my daughter I was well over 200lbs. All I did was be a mom and I forgot to look after me.

I convinced a group of friends to take a “learn to run program” and that was the beginning of my new fitness regime. I remember thinking, I will never be able to run 5K again – it had been years since fitness was a priority. I have now been running half marathons twice a year ever since. 

Benefits of fitness go beyond the physical ones

Through running, I have become more focused and I have learned that I am better when I look after me. Once while out for a run with my running partner and true confidant, she asked me if I would try boxing. Sure, was my immediate answer. I had no idea how challenging it was going to be. It was painful but that was almost two years ago.

I can honestly say it has changed my body but it has given me more confidence and internal strength than I ever imagined. Was it easy to go into a gym full of twenty-something, really fit guys? No, but what did I have to prove to them? This was for me.

Inspiring my daughter

This was for me but also for my daughter. I wanted Grace to see me active and pushing boundaries. I wanted her to see with hard work comes rewards. I want her to love fitness and share the passion for being a strong female. Pushing outside boundaries offers so many rewards, in so many ways! 

My supports 

My greatest supporter would be my running partner. We have logged a lot of miles and have shared our hopes, dreams, and fears. There have been tons of laughs and some tears. We started running half marathons throughout North America. So now we share the love of travel associated with a running goal. I could not have done this without her! 

My two coaches at the gym have been awesome. They always supported me when I needed it and pushed me when they thought I was ready. They make me feel like I can do it even when I’m not even sure.

My advice to other women

Believe in yourself! You don’t have to be the fastest or the skinniest but you have to believe in you.

Care about yourself enough to look after yourself. You will be better at everything you do if you invest some time in you. Just get out there and do something that makes you happy and gets you sweating. You will feel so much better – I promise.


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