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February 27, 2024

INSPIRE - 3rd Annual IWD First Responder Community Event - 2024


Celebrating First Responders and IWD 2024

Each year, the accomplishments, capabilities and possibilities of women is marked and celebrated on March 8th as part of International Women's Day (IWD) celebrations.  A day to recognize all that she can do and has done.  It is also a time to reflect on the progress women have made in our society and to learn what more can be accomplished in helping women fulfill their full potential personally and professionally.



Public safety - It plays a critical part in ensuring residents of any community have the opportunity to live well and reach their personal full potential.  Public safety is about protecting the general public and prioritizing an individual's physical safety.  First Responders - including firefighters, police officers and paramedics - are most often providing the hands-on support that makes any community physically safe. In York Region, the multiple first responder organizations include York Regional PoliceOntario Provincial PoliceYork Region Paramedic Services and Central York Fire Services.



Inspiration For All

For IWD 2024, the purpose again is to showcase all that first responders do to keep our comunities safe and healthy for all and, in particular, showcase the inspiration that female first responders provide to residents and community members as they go about their jobs each and everyday. It is also hoped that this event will inspire young people to consider a career as a first responder. 


INSPIRE - 2nd Annual IWD First Responder Community Event 2023

York Region Community Open House - Celebrating First Responders and IWD 2022


In addition to celebrating the inspirational roles that first responders play, we are also excited to showcase a number of local community groups, advocates and entrepreneurs who are working hard to support and inspire those living and working in York Region.  This year's event again provides visitors to engage with a wide variety of community-oriented vendors and include Girls Inc.Rose of SharonTown of AuroraTown of NewmarketCentral York Girls Hockey Association, Ontario Fire Academy, York Region Transit Enforcement and SecurityOntario Correctional ServicesYorkPRIDENewmarket African Carribean Canadian AssociationSeneca CollegePretty HeroesMADD, and SeeWhatSheCanDo.



Below you'll find links to the personal stories of four female first responders and who have shared what it's like to do their jobs and what they do to be their best when on and off duty.  We invite you click on each link to read each featured first responder's story below.


INSPIRE 2024 - The Highlight Reel



Her First Responder Stories:

INSPIRE - Meet YRP Sergeant Robyn Kassam - Celebrating International Women's Day 2024

INSPIRE - Meet York Region Paramedic Crystal Wong - Celebrating International Women's Day 2024

INSPIRE - Meet CYFS Captain Tamara Roitman - Celebrating International Women's Day 2024

INSPIRE - Meet OPP Constable Nicola Morris - Celebrating International Women's Day 2024




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