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December 30, 2019

Get To Know: Waterloo University Ringette with Hanya Wyatt

Fun Facts


  • Most Unique Major(s) on The Team
    • Knowledge and Integration or Biotechnology Economics
  • Who’s the Funniest Person on the Team?
    • Zoe Moore, I would say she really brought us all together.
  • Who’s Been Playing Ringette the Longest?
    • Jenn Petricevic or myself
  • Who Gets the Team Pumped Up Most?
    • Hannah Lee or Zoe Moore
  • Who’s From a Town/City Furthest Away from Your University?
    • Meghan Young (Gloucester-Cumberland, Ontario)




  • Tell Us About the Current Team Dynamic and How Your Season is Going
    • We’re a new team to the university ringette community, though the players on the team have been around the sport for a long time. We’re all learning to work together and having an amazing time bonding. We are trying to establish a very collaborative team. We have so much experience between all the amazing players and coaches, that all bring new and different perspectives to the team. It’s exciting. Our season thus far, has been one of learning together and learning to balance all our commitments. As this is the first time the team is happening, we are developing and establishing the way we play together. We are thankful for the coaches who’ve dedicated a lot of time to come out to games and practices, as well as all of the teammates because this is a very different dynamic than any previous ringette we’ve played. Being at the University of Waterloo, academics are most certainly strongly encouraged and finding a balance between the two can prove quite difficult, especially for many of the team members who participate in other extra curriculars, such as coaching or university clubs. We all love playing this sport so much and we’re thrilled to be participating at the upcoming UCCs.


University Challenge Cup

  • How Are You Preparing for The University Challenge Cup and What Is the Team Looking Forward to Most?
    • I’m sure that many of the other people participating can agree that the main way we’ve been preparing recently has been by writing exams J That being said, we have been working together to develop a consistent and united strategy together. Because it’s our first year as a team, it’s very important to us to learn how we all think as players and to develop the best way to play together.


  • What is a Goal You Are Setting for Yourself Individually and a Goal Your Team is Setting Collectively?
    • Personally, my goal for the tournament is to enjoy myself and the games while playing my best. I’ve been playing ringette for almost 18 years now and have been so lucky to have had some of the greatest opportunities, like winning provincials or nationals, but UCCs is giving me the chance to do something I’ve never done before, play with my sisters. My sister, Julia Wyatt is four years younger than me and is playing for the University of Waterloo at the tournament. As well, Zoe Moore from the University of Waterloo is so close to me and my family that she may as well be my sister. Our friendship and connection is two generations in the making and ringette has bonded her, myself and my sister in a way I never imagined. UCCs this year is giving me the opportunity for us to play the sport we’ve always loved, together, finally. I cannot be more grateful for the opportunity. Our team also consists of so many people who I’ve known for years and some of which I’ve just met but I love playing with (most of which are younger than me – because I’m pretty old to be kicking around now haha). This team, tournament and sport is bringing together people even more so than it did when I was playing growing up, because in university many people travel so far from school, so I’m playing with people from all over and of various ages. It reminds me how vibrant and large the ringette community actually is.


As a team, our main goal for UCCs would be to make an impact on the university ringette community. As this is our inaugural year, we want to show that even though we are new, we still have a lot of talent and a lot of heart. We can’t wait to get on the ice and prove that we have a passion for the sport and represent our university to the best of our ability. We hope to truly come together as a team and do the University of Waterloo and each other proud!



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