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December 29, 2019

Get To Know: Laurentian University Ringette with Jade Lockie

Fun Facts

  • Most Unique Major on The Team
    •  Outdoor Adventure Leadership! It is only offered at Laurentian


  • Who’s the Funniest Person on the Team
    • One of our Rookies, Morgan Kirk, never fails to make us laugh before we step on the ice


  • Who’s Been Playing Ringette the Longest
    • Teagan Hirsimaki has been playing for 18 years!


  • Who Gets the Team Pumped Up Most
    • One of our Captains and Senior, Jenna Dubeau


  • Who’s From a Town/City Furthest Away from Your University
    • Emily Mussio is from Grand Bend which is about 6 hours from Sudbury



  • Tell Us About the Current Team Dynamic and How Your Season is Going
    • I have been playing Ringette for as long as I can remember, but there is nothing quite as special as playing University Ringette. Our Team Dynamic is really special. With only 2 girls on a roster of 17 coming from the same team, we have such a wide variety of skills and talents that makes things interesting; there is always something to learn from your teammates. Everyone is very supportive both inside and outside of the rink. From Dom cheering you on when you make a great shot in practice, to Janelle pushing us to finish strong in the last minute of dryland there is always a teammate cheering you on in whatever you do.

This great rapport between the team has lead us significant development this year, which leads me into our season. At the Oshawa tournament, we went 2-3 overall on the weekend, but due to our geographical location up in Sudbury, we don’t play regular season games like many other teams. We organize exhibitions when we can, but we mostly develop our skills through practice. With our multiple drylands each week and our 7am practice the Laurentian Ringette team has been working hard and can’t wait to represent the North at UCC’s.


University Challenge Cup


  • How Are You Preparing for The University Challenge Cup and What Is the Team Looking Forward to Most?
    • I think an important part of University Ringette is the academic side of things, so in order to prepare for the University Challenge Cup, our girls had to be super dedicated with completing their studies, to leave time to physically prepare for this tournament.  To prepare for UCC’s as a team, we have been focusing on stamina and conditioning off the ice to get ready for the many games over the course of the tournament. On the ice, well I don’t want to reveal TOO much, but we have been working on passing plays and generating quality scoring opportunities. The team is just really excited to play some great ringette. The rookies are excited to get their first taste of playing the teams outside of Ontario, and us returning players are excited to show how much we have improved!


  • What is a Goal You Are Setting for Yourself Individually and a Goal Your Team is Setting Collectively?
    • I have two individual goals for UCC’s the first is to make quick and accurate first passes on breakouts. The second is  to lead the team as one of the captains, with positive sportsmanship through all of our games at UCC, no matter the scoreboard. Our team goal this year is to show the Canadian University league that Laurentian is here to compete this year by making it to the A pool. With sportsmanship and dignity we are proud to represent Laurentian.

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