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July 14, 2019

ROCK ON CLAY - Reduce recovery time!

ROCK ON CLAY - Reduce recovery time!


Rock On Clay products are made of the purest ingredients with natural healing properties and have been sourced from pristine glacier mountains in BC. Because of the way the clay was formed, it has a natural negative charge, which when placed topically, draws out the positively charged elements in the body. First Nations have known about the natural healing abilities of this clay for centuries.

Rock On products were designed for athletes who are looking to reduce their recovery time – whether you’re a professional athlete, part-time athlete or weekend warrior, these products, (specifically the Athletic Balm) were designed to reduce recovery time in between hard bouts of exercise. The formulations were designed strategically by Dr. Syl Corbett for herself, her athletes and now she’s agreed to share it with you. Her belief is training hard doesn’t have to equal being injury prone or excessive soreness and we have only begun to tap into the potential of human performance.




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